Previously On…Chicago Fire Season 7 and What to Expect in Episode 4!

Previously on…Chicago Fire season 7, we watched as Kidd returned to work after being cleared by her doctor. Squad 3 and ambulance 61 responded to a call for a single vehicle accident. It looked like the SUV was traveling on the freeway and drove off the overpass. When they get there, they find an adult male with some substantial injuries and when asked what his name is, he responds with “Mason.” Moments later, they find out that the man’s name isn’t Mason, his son’s name is and he was in the car when the accident occurred.

Severide sends a couple of the guys over to the car, which is on fire, with extinguishers and let them know that there might be a child inside the car. They are able to find Mason, a 6-year-old boy, in his car seat. When Severide gets into the SUV, he realizes that Mason has a piece of metal in his leg so they have to take him and his car seat out of the car together and cut the metal when they get to Med.

They get Mason and his father, Mr. Whitaker, to Med and they get the father in to get looked at and Severide works with Foster and the doctors at Med to get the metal cut. Moments later, Mrs. Whitaker comes in and is told about the accident. She freaks out and tells them to call the police and tells Severide and Brett that she thinks that her husband purposely crashed the car and tried to kill their son. We find out as the episode goes on that they are going through a divorce and Mr. Whitaker suffers from depression.

Mrs. Whitaker talks to the police and tells them that he didn’t seem like he was suicidal, but things got really bad after they separated. Brett and Foster told the officer that the way he was ejected from the car, looks like he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Later in the episode, Severide and Kidd go to visit Mason to see how he is doing and they see Mr. Whitaker in the room with his son. Mr. Whitaker comes out to talk to Severide and thank him for saving his son. He tells Severide and Kidd that he would never hurt his son and now he stands to lose his son because his wife’s lawyer will try to use anything against him.

Severide already thought that the father didn’t do this on purpose because looking at the crash scene, nothing adds up to a murder-suicide attempt. The father mentioned something about a deer, but no one thinks that there would be a deer in the middle of the city like that. Severide and Kidd decide to skip date night and go investigate themselves. They go back to the crash scene and sure enough, they find a deer dead in the grass. Severide takes some photos and brings them back to the hospital to show Mrs. Whitaker in hopes that they will help prevent her from riping her son away from his father.

Throughout the episode, we also watched as Boden and Gorsch bumped heads about replacing a lieutenant who is retiring. Gorsch wants a guy named Trey Jennings and tells Boden to consider it a personal favor to him. While on another call, Casey finds out why Gorsch wants Jennings to be given the position on 51. Jennings is Gorsch’s brother-in-law. While at the charity picnic, Boden gives a speech. He talks about the lieutenant that is retiring and decides that he is going to make the announcement at the picnic. Gorsch is convinced that Jennings has the job and so is Jennings, but Boden surprises both of them by naming Herrmann the new lieutenant of engine 51.

We ended the episode off with Severide going to pick up April from Med to go to the picnic and he sees as Mrs. Whitaker and Mason are leaving the hospital. Mr. Whitaker is a distance away, but Mrs. Whitaker smiles and waves him over and they all leave together. Gorsch is clearly upset that his brother-in-law wasn’t given the position at 51, which I’m sure is going to cause some issues for Boden.

Tonight we will watch as Kidd gets a visit from an old friend. Meanwhile, Herrmann is adjusting to his new position at 51 while the house is on high alert when a series of explosions rock the city. Check out this sneak peek of tonight’s episode right here and let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media!


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