Previously On…The Conners Series Premiere Live Recap!

Previously On The Conners which was previously Roseanne, the matriarch was prepping for knee surgery but actress Roseanne Barr was fired from the show. You can keep up with all the happenings right here.

It is confirmed, after much speculation from Barr, that Roseanne has passed away (it’s been three weeks) and the family is eating a bunch of casseroles gifted to them by other friends and families. They feel bad still having all the casserole dishes yet Jackie is the one holding the family together. Bev knows that would have killed Roseanne but since she is dead, it does not matter. Everyone has gathered including Crystal and DJ’s wife from Afghanistan, Gina who has five days of leave. Dan still cannot sleep in his and Roseanne’s bed so he is sleeping on the couch when Jackie receives a phone call from the coroner. She asks Dan to come outside to share the results of the autopsy. Though it was believed Roseanne died of a heart attack, it was actually an opioid overdose. He says that is impossible as he flushed all of her pills after her knee surgery and she was only taking ibuprofen. Becky and Darlene join them and Becky reveals she found a bottle of pills in her mom’s closet but it was not under her name. She obtained them from Marcy Bellinger and now the family is in even more shock.

Becky and Darlene are doing Roseanne’s bills and they want to use that she has died but apparently, Roseanne played the death card several times herself. Becky has to leave for work but Darlene wants help; Becky says she just cannot handle it and she cannot handle another death, especially after what she dealt with when Mark passed away. She cannot suffer through another death but Darlene is strong like their mother was. Harris is also having a hard time because she and her grandma fought a lot prior to her passion but then Becky storms out but comes back when she realizes she needs a ride to work. Darlene storms in to the restaurant Becky works at as Dan is enjoying drinks with Chuckie to reprimand him for posting a sign about Marcy Bellinger on his truck. He goes home and Mark comes in with his two guy friends; he has a crush on both of them, something he was talking about with his grandma before she died. Now, he needs to talk to Dan about it but does not know how but grandpa is a trooper.

Aunt Jackie has taken to cleaning the entire Conner home from top to bottom. As she was cleaning, she found more hidden pills. Soon, there’s a knock on the door and it is Marcy Bellinger so Dan takes it outside. She begs him to take the sign off of his truck; she says no one can afford their meds so they all work together. Marcy said Roseanne claimed she needed to get back to work because her knee was not healing up fast enough and they were running out of money but Dan still insists Marcy killed her when Darlene comes outside and says they found more bottles. It was not just Marcy supplying Roseanne and Marcy says if she knew Roseanne had a problem, she never would have given her the pills. Neither Dan nor Darlene knows who to blame and it kills them.

Jackie is still cleaning and she says she does not want to go home and does not want to leave because she does not want to leave Roseanne. She finally goes home and can rest or try to. Dan decides to help his grandson, Mark, figure out who he will sit next to on a field trip or which guy he has a crush on. The show ends the way it usually begins, with Darlene and Dan in the Roseanne seats. Will this show last? No one knows. I think this was a great effort and could be a great way to wrap up a long-running series fans loved.

In the end, Dan returns to his bed he shared with Roseanne and tries to get comfortable but will he? Next week, David returns will special guest Juliette Lewis! The Conners airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on ABC!

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