Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 13!

Previously On RHOC, Emily is still determined to have a fourth child. She has no regard for what husband, Shane has to say and the fact that he does not want any more children. He already has two other daughters from a previous relationship and social media is all over Emily for constantly saying she wants her daughter to have a sister as she was very close to hers. Her daughter already has two biological sisters, despite the fact Emily is the stepmother. There is another problem, aside from Shane; Emily has never actually carried a baby to term. She has had several miscarriages and it came down to her sister generously being the surrogate for her three kids (one girl and twin boys). This time, her sister does not want any part of it but Emily has about eight embryos still ready so she goes to see her doctor and is given options: she can keep them frozen, donate them (I like this one), or destroy them. She knows she will just force Shane to have a child in the end because she wants her girl and she will have it.

Keeping with the baby theme, Vicki and boyfriend, Steve go to visit Vicki’s son, Michael and his girlfriend, Dani along with Steve’s daughter and her boyfriend. Vicki then harasses the kids about getting on having children and getting married and reiterates how badly she wants to be married again. Nothing a man loves more than pressure. His daughter flat out says she just wants more dogs and leaves it at that. Kelly decides she wants to keep teaching daughter, Jolie, how to be selfless so they spend time at a homeless shelter and you can see the shift in both mother and daughter. You also start to develop hope that not all OC children will end up spoiled and taking life for granted. Eddie takes a test which determines he is still having heart problems and the women gather at Shannon’s post-QVC to test out a new recipe though Gina thinks she is just a cold person. She does not like how she has not asked her one thing about her divorce but when Shannon offers advice, it goes down like a led balloon so it’s best if she does not engage. Now, it is time to plan the girls trip and they have decided on…Jamaica!

Tonight, they are headed to Jamaica and of course, there will be drama and it will be exciting!!! Take a look right here and do not forget to catch RHOC on Bravo every Monday night at 9pm.



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