Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 2 Recap!

Previously On the season 10 premiere of Will and Grace, Jack was trying to impress fiance, Estafan’s family while Grace met a new odd but somewhat charming man in David Schwimmer’s Noah. Don’t miss a via our recap right here!

Jack and Karen are cracking up at a bar over the fact that Will and Grace’s parents have gotten married. They find it hilarious while Will and Grace are sickened; the fact that Will’s mom chose to throw her garter and Grace caught it makes it even more sickening. Karen is now stuck on the fact that she and Jack will both be getting married and stuck with the same people forever as Will says he is ready to make some changes in his life. Maybe move to the woods and grow a beard; he is still traumatized by the wedding. Everyone has left the bar leaving Karen to question the ancient bartender if she has made the right decision to stay with Stan and say good-bye to Malcolm. Grace is now giving an interview about her campaign and she is getting extremely political, actually thinking she is running for president of something other than interior design. And she wants it noted her age is firmly 38 as she has to run because she gets a call to meet with the detective.

Jack is talking to his mom as he is grooming and shares he and Estafan have called things off due to the whole “forever” concept. He tries to blame his fiance but mothers always know the truth. He gets another call and has to meet with the detective, as well. Now, Will is teaching a class and he has his beard, excited he does not have a gray hair but at the end, he too gets the detective call. When he gets home, he consults with Grace about the detective call then Jack bursts in the door and questions if they are being questioned about how dark Will’s beard is. The detective shows up but it turns out, Karen has gone missing for five days. We find her at Universal Studios posing as Anastasia Beaverhousen from the Midwest.

They start recalling the last time they saw Karen; Will said she came to his class and we see him putting mascara in his beard. She says she thinks Stan knows about her affair with Malcolm and she also knows he colors his beard because she uses some of the color to blend in a scratch on her purse. Karen then stopped into the office to see Grace to say she thinks someone is following her so Stan must know about the affair then she heads to Jack’s as he is showering with Estafan. He has just had a panic attack after talking about being with the same person forever. Jack and Estafan invite her into the shower when she says she needs to talk but she explains she must disappear forever and asks him to feed her hamsters…to her snake and then brings up the topic of marriage forever. Maybe Jack just is not ready for that life. After he recounts the story, he realizes he fed the snake to the hamster.

Will begins to think Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) was the one who took Karen so Jack decides to contact him though he is in the CIA so Will doubts he will answer him. As Jack is beginning to text Malcolm, he walks in and says he was the one who confirmed the affair because he has worked for Stan on and off for years. He had to ruin the marriage in order to be with Karen again and then she bursts through the door. They flash to Karen in Universal Studios talking to another tourist named Linda; she says she watches a lot of tv and it is usually the ex-lover who is the one who tattles. Karen jumps off of the tram at Universal and returns home to New York to confront Malcolm but then decides she needs to leave again before Stan’s people find her. The detective shows up at the door and it turns out she has been looking for Karen to serve her with divorce papers.

Jack says he can be there for Karen unconditionally because he is now single and a “Jack of all gays.” He explains why they split up and Karen shares marriage is special and he should go get his man. Jack and Estafan were going to hook up  later on that evening so he will get back together then but Will reminds her she always has them even though she said she only would miss two of them when she was going to run away after she sent Malcolm away. Never said which two. After a group hug, everyone ends up with beard mascara on them and Will shares he will shave off his good genes aka his beard. So, will Karen try to get Stan back or find Malcolm? Find out when Will and Grace airs Thursday night at 9pm on NBC.

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