Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 4 Live Recap!

Previously On The Big Bang Theory, Penny revealed to Leonard that she did not think she wanted to have kids while Raj became officially engaged to his “arranged” marriage wife, Anu. You can catch up with everything right here.

No one can believe Raj is really engaged as he is looking for an engagement ring. They’ve never met her so it all still seems off to them but he’s in “love” so nothing else matters. Penny goes to see Bernadette about Raj’s new wife and she says she’s super suspicious about the future Mrs. She says she does not have an Instagram so there must be something wrong with her but Bernadette offers to call her father who was once a cop; he declines to use his connections and break the rules. At the same time, Sheldon gets a call from an old best friend, Tam who he apparently had a falling out with. Howard has Sheldon’s brother, George’s number so the guys call him to gain insight on Tam. They are guided to an internet database with all of Sheldon’s enemies including Tam but his conviction says “he knows what he did.” The guys know Tam will be in town showing his son around campus so they decide they will find him and ask. They do find him and ask him what went down and he seems super clueless and suddenly, Sheldon appears and is in shock.

Penny and Bernadette go to the hotel where Anu works and Penny is impressed with how queued into the girls she is…and the fact she can get a table at any restaurant in town. When they go to dinner, they ask why she wants an arranged marriage, she says she dated the normal way in her twenties and saw how bad it was but saw her parents so happy in an arranged marriage so figured she would do it, too. Sheldon confides in Amy why he hates Tam. They were supposed to go to CalTech together but the summer before they were to move, Tam got a girlfriend and ended up staying in Texas. Amy tries to show him how amazing his life ended up turning out despite Tam staying behind.

Penny and Bernadette get to learn a lot about Amu but after several cocktails, they realize she wants them to dish on why Raj is still single. Penny shares he is like a girlfriend but in a good way. They keep saying how great he is but after they have revealed he bathes with his dog, sings when Hugh Jackman sings; Amu appears very turned off. Tam comes to Sheldon’s office and he tells him he forgives him. Tam says he had to stay in Texas because he loved Beth (the girl he met) and he knew everything would be great in California for Sheldon.  A quick good-bye the following day and Sheldon has instructed Leonard to drive Tam and his son to the airport. So personal and so Sheldon. Raj calls the girls and asks what they said to Anu so they decide they must call her up and see if she can get them into a super exclusive restaurant to catch up and make it right.

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