Previously On…Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 3 Live Recap!

Previously On Murphy Brown, Murphy lost her press access to the White House so, with a little scheming and a brown wig, she got back in. But was it worth it? Find out right here!

It is time for the sexual harassment seminar at work, which no one wants to go to. One of the new, young employees is being sweet to Miles and he is loving every moment so of course, Murphy has to mock her. And she cannot keep her mouth shut during the seminar, even saying they cannot fire her since the show is called “Murphy In the Morning.” The seminar host is extremely passionate about the subject while it is about to wrap up when Miles has a question. He really wants to know if he can ask his cute, young employee out to dinner without getting sued. Patel is so excited to be a part of all of this because he has waited so long for this type of seminar. He is equally as excited to share with Frank the app he created to tell someone if they have crossed the line when it comes to sexual harassment. At Phil’s, Miguel is a star server but gets triggered when someone asks for ice so Phyllis, now with blue streaks in her hair, has to reinvent a new word for ice. I love how they are touching on every sensitive subject in the political world. The crew walks into Phil’s and they start talking about everyone having been affected by sexual harassment in some way but Murphy declines to answer. Miles’ lady he likes from work comes in and he has to try to keep his tongue clean while Frank still has Pat’s app activated and it is buzzing like crazy.

Avery has come home and can tell his mom is clearly distracted so he makes up a bunch of crazy stories from the plane to see if she is listening. She claims she is couponing but he knows her better than that. She says the sexual harassment seminar and #MeToo movement brought up some memories for her; at 19, she had a professor in college named Professor Talbot who flattered her with words, she even won an award that same year. He ultimately invited her to his home for a celebration but she was the only one there and did something to her but she never said anything, blocked it out and Avery says she is victim blaming. Avery says he would never do anything as horrid as what Professor Talbot did; he was raised better. Murphy goes to talk to Phyllis about what she went through with her professor as they are both from the same generation. Plus, Phil always had the best advice. Phyllis tells Murphy to go see this professor, tell him off and kick him in the nuts. She says to do it for all those who do not have the same voice and off Murphy goes.

When she gets to the door, a girl named Jessica answer the door. She was once a student and now she is his assistant. Murphy’s award is prominently displayed in his study, along with a bunch of memorabilia so she asks Jessica how old she is. She says 19, the same age Murphy was when she was sexually assaulted by the professor. She gives Jessica her card and says if she ever wants to change her job, Murphy’s company is always hiring. Now it is time for Murphy to confront her assailant. She shares what happened that evening; he poured drinks all night as he tried to grope her and pinned her down until she finally escaped. He believes she is a storyteller who flirted with him and she left her award behind; she knows that is not the truth. He also tells her she would not be where she is without him which she knows to not be true. She takes a hammer and smashes through the glass which holds her award and is gone. Back at Phil’s, Frank cannot stand being Pat’s guinea pig with his app because he keeps getting electrocuted no matter what he says and Miles can finally ask his hot employee out because she got a job elsewhere. Murphy shows up with her collegiate award and gives Phyllis the hammer as a souvenir.

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