Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 3 Live Recap!

Previously On Mom, Christy finally came to terms with the fact that she was a real gambler and had an addiction. Yes, she had been attending Gamblers Anonymous faithfully but she never quite felt she fit in like she did at AA but it all changed with one big check. You can catch up with all of the events right here.

Bonnie and Adam are trying to figure out how many people to invite to their wedding; Bonnie says six while Adam says 150. Adam finally says they should pick the venue and let the locale tell the couple how many guests they can have. Bonnie is oddly turned on by the way he thinks and then he suggests they narrow it down to four and get married in his car; she tells him to take his pants off. His is the epitome of logical men. Christy is not doing so well as her contracts professor refers to her as Christy Flunkett instead of Plunkett and it drives her insane. She tries not to cry in class even though she knows what she is doing and has the material down. Some professors were just sent here to torture us; take it from me as I have my BA and MA. Christy then shares with her AA friends about this evil professor and she tells them how she just cries in her car after class. Marjory suggests she go to a meeting near school instead of crying in her car. Bonnie bursts in and tells the ladies she has booked a venue on impulse and did not tell Adam. Jill encourages Bonnie to make it seem like it was Adam’s idea all along by taking him to the place she booked first followed by really awful ones after; problem solved.

Christy goes to an AA meeting near school and is still crying when her evil professor walks in. As this is happening, Adam seemingly likes one of the dank locations Bonnie takes him to but then, as Jill predicted, she gets her way. At the AA meeting, Christy goes to speak to her professor and she dismisses her. Christy reminds her who she is and the professor says she is not coming back; she has been sober for six months and sees no need to continue. Christy says it gets better and she goes to coffee after with the ladies from her groups; the professor says they are going to coffee and to call her Natalie. When Christy gets home, she and Bonnie are both extremely stoked. They share about their good day until Adam comes home and is happy too. He bought one of the locations Bonnie took him to and is turning it into a bar, even though she kept referring to it as a place for serial killers. At least they are not getting married there.

Christy is thrilled for Adam but Bonnie is not happy at all. Adam does not get why he could not love the barrel factory and now Bonnie has to explain her plan and how she booked the venue prior to showing Adam. So they both made decisions without consulting one another; they are even. Back in class, Christy has a newfound confidence since she and the professor are besties and she is asked to stay after. The teacher is having a personal problem and Christy is the only person she can talk to though Christy suggests they go to a meeting. Professor declines and says she’d rather get coffee with Christy though she says she has a bunch of studying for this particular class. Professor just tells her she won’t call on her in class and problem solved. Even when Christy is out with her AA friends, professor calls her and Christy feels she is the only thing keeping her sober and that is a problem. She finally gets to class and tells her professor she is going to a meeting and she does not want to go to coffee; these meetings have helped her along this journey. Meetings have helped Christy come a very long way and now the teacher is now so nice to her anymore.

Adam is planning his new bar but Bonnie comes down to see him and apologize. She does say had she not tricked him, he never would have found this amazing place. He does admit he should have talked to her before he spent all of his money but he has felt really lost since his accident and the bar gave him a renewed hope. Christy still goes to meetings near the school and has hope her professor will come back!

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