Survivor Season 37 Live Recap: Episode 3 – I Am Goliath Strong

Tonight on Survivor season 37, we will watch as a castaway gets so paranoid, they call a tribal meeting to try and put an end to the others having side conversations. Also, two castaways bump heads when their lives on Survivor: David Vs. Goliath is in danger. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor right here! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor season 37, you can find all the details including who was sent home right here!

Survivor season 37 spoilers ahead! Do NOT read ahead if you don’t want to know what happened tonight on Survivor: David Vs Goliath!

We started tonight’s episode off with Christain explaining to Davie that their decision to flip the vote last second and after Gabby came to them. Carl is upset that Jess is gone, she was his number one ally in the game. Bi and Carl are talking the next day about how they were blindsided and she doesn’t like that at all. Everyone is pointing fingers at Gabby when it comes to the blindside and it looks like she could be the number one target.

Meanwhile, on the Goliath tribe, Natalie is still target number one. Mike and Jeremy are bonding over conversations of back home. Jeremy is talking about his dad and how he has Altzheimers. He gets emotional about how his father would never see or understand the impact that his father has had on his life.

On David, they are all talking about how they can’t trust Gabby, but on the Goliath side, Jeremy is starting to notice people having side conversations. He brings it up to the rest of the tribe and mentions that there is no reason to be talking about strategy at this point because they haven’t lost a challenge yet. Later, Jeremy is telling us that even though Natalie is target number one, they might want to flush out the idol. He starts telling his other tribe mates about Dan’s idol.

It is now time for the Immunity Challenge! They are also playing for a reward of chairs, blankets, and pillows. One player from each tribe will be maneuvering through a rope obstacle, three others will then unbraid a rope and then use a ring to hook a sled with puzzle pieces. They will then have to do the puzzle and the first tribe to finish wins! Both tribes are neck in neck throughout the whole challenge. Goliath is able to get their sled hooked first, but David isn’t far behind them. They are both putting the puzzle together at the same time. In the end, David’s win their first immunity challenge and also won a comforting reward of blankets, pillows, and chairs! Instantly, one of the Goliath members is insinuating that Natalie should have let someone else help with the puzzle.

Bi ended up getting hurt during tonight’s challenge. She had a previous knee injury that she tweaked again during the challenge and she is pretty worried about this becoming an issue. Meanwhile, Natalie is trying to talk Jeremy into keeping her on the tribe, but Angelina and Alison are talking about possibly getting Jeremy out first and then getting Natalie out next. Angelina is going to the others with this idea and talks to Dan, John, Kara, and Mike. Mike doesn’t want to get Jeremy out yet and neither do a few others.

Natalie and Jeremy are having words now that they both have a feeling they could go. Natalie just wants her last two hours on the island to be peaceful, but Jeremy is upset because he thinks Natalie is throwing his name out to save her own game. Tribal Council could get interesting!

Speaking of Tribal Council, it is time! They start talking about the weather, but the conversation quickly turns to Jeremy throws Natalie into freeway traffic. Natalie calls Jeremy out for having a lack of self-awareness after Jeremy did the same to her. Natalie throws out that she is a senior citizen and not a threat in this game, but Jeremy tells them that at this point it’s still a tribe game and they need strong players.

It is time to vote and after the voting is done, Jeff tallies them and then reads them off. Here are the votes:

  • Natalie
  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy

With 6 votes, that’s enough for Jeremy to be voted off the island this week. At the end of the episode, during the credits, we see that everyone voted for Jeremy with only one vote for Natalie.

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