Previously On…Chicago PD Season 6 and What to Expect in Episode 3!

Previously on….Chicago PD season 6, the Intelligence Team worked tirelessly to find the missing Jane Doe from Chicago Med. While looking through her room for clues as to where she could have gone, they find a scalpel and a GPS tracker in a pool of blood on the bed. They did finally find her bleeding out in a park trying to hide from the man who was at the hospital. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it and succumbed to her injuries that she got in the fire.

Based on information from the Jane Doe and other evidence that they found during the investigation of the fire, they found that a cartel leader was murdered in the building. Which meant that the fire was intentionally set to try and cover up the murder. Throughout the episode, we watched as the team continued to look for clues as to who was behind this fire.

The theory that they team came up with is that Jane and other girls were probably be trafficked by the cartel. While looking into video footage from the outside of the building, they find a man named Carlos Mendoza sitting in his car outside moments before the fire. Throughout their investigation into Carlos, they decide to get to Carlos by going after his son Juan. Juan has nothing to do with the business that his father and other brother, Daniel, is in. They know that threatening to put Juan behind bars though is a good way to turn Carlos against his other son.

In the end of the episode we watch as Jay defies Voight’s direct order to let the rest of the team take down Daniel in a sting operation. He calls Severide for help after Voight benches. Him and takes his radio and the keys to his vehicle. Severide shows up with a radio and when Jay figures out where they are going, he shows up to help pursue Daniel in a chase. Jay does catch up to Daniel and in a firefight, shoots him in the chest. Jay takes a couple bullets too, but luckily his vest catches them.

Daniel doesn’t survive his injuries and Jay is getting an earful from Voight about how Jay should be dead and that he is never to defy a direct order from him again. It’s a tough love conversation between Voight and Jay where Voight makes it known that no matter how mad at the world Jay is about his father’s death, he can’t take things into his own hands like that.

Here is a preview of tonight’s episode of Chicago PD, where Voight and Platt try to exonerate Olinsky so that his wife and daughter can collect his pension. Meanwhile, the team works to rescue a teenage girl who is kidnapped from a robbery crew.


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