Previously On…Chicago Med Season 4 and What to Expect in Episode 3!

Previously on…Chicago Med season 4, we watched as the second part of the One Chicago Crossover event took place. Kidd is getting a workup done, she has a massive hemorrhage in her right lung. Mr. Halstead is looking okay other than some major smoke inhalation. We did get some information about the family dynamic a little. Mr. Halstead is pissed at Jay for selling his house, Jay tells him that he had no choice because he couldn’t keep up with it. Mr. Halstead tells Jay that all he wanted was his money, Jay reminds him that he doesn’t have any money and calls him a “thankless old prick.”

Meanwhile, Manning is working on a young girl with burns over 80% of her body and talking the parents through what the coming months will look like for her. Outside the room, Otis is telling Maggie that he is going out for some air and to page him if there is anything new on Kidd. He seems out of it and ends up collapsing. After Choi looks him over, it looks like nothing more than an inhalation injury. Dr. Charles talks to Otis and does the physical workup on him. You can tell that Dr. Charles thinks there is more to it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Halstead codes. Will is trying to bring him back but he was down too long and now Mr. Halstead is brain dead. Meanwhile, the young girl, Blair, is stable enough to have the surgeries and when Bekker and Manning go in to get her, the parents decide to withdraw treatment. The neurosurgeon consultant tells Jay and Will that there is a better use for the ventilator, Jay loses it. He doesn’t want to give up and the hospital COO, Gwen tells them that they can take as much time as they need and that they will use the hospital resources they need to.

Rhodes and Choi fill Severide in on Kidd’s condition. They are telling him that their best shot at stopping the bleed in her lung and saving Kidd’s life is to remove the lung. Severide tells them that if they do that, she can’t be a firefighter anymore and that’s the only thing she cares about. He tells them he won’t let them do it, but it isn’t up to him. They haven’t been able to reach her family, so it’s their decision to make. Severide gets upset and is then escorted out of the hospital.

The parents are given a consent form to take their daughter Blair off of the ventilator. Meanwhile, April goes out to see Severide and they are talking about and he tells her that being a firefighter is her life and it isn’t fair that they can make that call without knowing her. He asks her if there is anything they can do. She thinks of something.

Dr. Charles goes to talk to Otis and he tells Otis that everything looks good with his oxygen levels and other tests. He then tells him that his fainting had nothing to do with an inhalation injury. He tells him it was nothing physical at all. Otis is wondering if Dr. Charles is going somewhere with this conversation and mentions PTSD, but Dr. Charles tells him that he didn’t use that label. He does mention that Otis was shot earlier this year and coming from someone who has experience in that department, there could be causing some post-traumatic stress.

Meanwhile, April is talking to Brett, Herrmann, Casey, and Mouch. Rhodes comes out and when they try to talk him out of taking Kidd’s lung, he walks away. Rhodes tells Bekker that he has to try and find another way to save her, but Bekker isn’t happy with this. He tells her that if his way doesn’t work, they can still take out the lung. She tells him it’s too risky, but he tells her that he has to try, for her and for them (talking about her firefighter family).

Will has a conversation with Ms. Goodwin, he is upset about something. He goes to tell Jay that they have to take their father off the vent. Gwen told them to take their time because his bypass was 29 days ago, if he dies before 30 days, it’s a fatality for the hospital. Jay gets upset and punches Will. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles is talking to Otis again. He tells him that he isn’t comfortable signing off on his discharge without him at least agreeing to counseling sessions once a week. Otis tells him he can’t do that, if the others found out he was seeing a shrink, they would start asking questions.

Blair’s parents call Manning into the room, Blair started breathing on her own and her heart is looking good. Dr. Choi has been working on a Jane Doe patient and they found signs that the woman had been beaten and she had a broken arm. I also want to note that there has been a sketchy looking guy hanging around near the building where the fire was and now he is at the hospital.

Dr. Rhodes comes out and tells Mouch, Casey, Herrmann, and Brett that they put him in a terrible position, but he was able to isolate the bleed and only had to take a portion of her lung out. That’s all to say that Kidd should be back to work soon. He then tells April to go bring Severide back in. He tells her that he is so glad she is back. We ended the episode off with Will talking to Manning about how he let his dad and brother down. She assures him that they both know he loves them.

Meanwhile, the sketchy man snuck into patient area of the ED and when Maggie stops him, he tells her that his uncle was in the building where the fire was and he thought maybe they brought him there. She tells him to go back out to the waiting area and give the woman at the desk his uncle’s name and she will let him know if his uncle is there. Dr. Choi’s Jane Doe patient sees him and looks scared and she ends up going missing shortly after. Will goes to Jay to apologize to him for everything and Jay tells Will that it is okay to let him go now. Atwater and Burgess show up to talk to Choi about the missing Jane Doe.

This is where Chicago PD started. Stay tuned for that recap coming up a little later. In the meantime, check out this sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Chicago Med right here!


On tonight’s episode of Chicago Med season 4, Choi is faced with a hard decision when a sick child is brought into the ED. Rhodes and Maggie are put to the test and Manning and Choi are still having a hard time figuring out the new third-year medical student, Elsa. Make sure you come back a little later for our full Chicago PD recap to find out what happened at the end of last week’s One Chicago crossover event and get a sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode!

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