Previously On…Chicago Fire Season 7 and What to Expect in Episode 3!

Previously on…Chicago Fire started the three show crossover event between Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD. We started the episode off with a call coming through and it sounds like all hands are on deck for this fire. When they get to the fire, they find out that it is in a high-rise apartment building and the fire is on the 20th floor.

As soon as the team gets to the 20th floor, Jay Halstead shows up and asks Boden where the fire is. Halstead tells Boden that his father lives in this building on the 23rd floor. Boden asks Casey for an update on what the fire looks like and when they open the door, it’s fully engulfed. Jay helps with the evacuation efforts in the lobby as the crews go up to the higher floors to get remaining residents out of the building.

While transporting a patient to med, Brett asked Foster about her past and how everyone seems to know her. Foster tells her that she went to med school and was a surgical resident, but got caught cheating on her boards. Meanwhile, back at the fire, Jay is talking to the doorman and finds out that his father helps a wheelchair-bound resident on the 25th floor. Boden sends Casey up to find him, but the fire is traveling fast through the mechanical closets and has reached the 24th floor.

Otis was in charge of trying to get one of the elevators moving again. There was a young mother complaining about walking down all the stairs from the 22nd floor and when they got all the other residents of that floor down to the lobby, she and her baby weren’t there. When Otis gets the elevator going again, he walks over to the door to assist the mother, who he believed was inside, the car is full of smoke. When the smoke clears, she finds the mother and her son burned to death in the elevator. Otis is visibly shaken, I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Casey reached the 25th floor and finds the wheelchair-bound resident and Jay’s father. The fire gets really bad up on the 25th floor though and Casey asks for back-up. Mouch and a probee from another house make it there to help get them both to safety. While they are clearing the last of the units, Severide and Cruz hear a child’s voice. The voice is coming from a kid named Josh and he is on the 20th floor. Severide and Cruz go down to get him. Cruz finds a young woman on the floor and grabs her, Severide goes and grabs Josh.

The fire gets really bad and they aren’t able to get the fire under control and Severide decides he is going to do a self-rescue. He ties a rope, tells the boy to hold on to him really tight and keep his eyes closed. Meanwhile, Kidd and Herrmann are still trying to fight the fire. Kidd runs out of the air in her tank and collapses while Herrmann is concentrating on fighting the fire. Herrmann calls the mayday and asks for assistance on 20 getting her down. They get Kidd out, but she is in rough shape. Severide is devastated. They get her in the ambulance and the entire house gets in the truck and escorts them to the hospital.

Stay tuned for my Chicago Med recap and preview to get the details of what happened next. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire season 7!


In tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire, Severide finds himself in a tough spot following a rescue of a child from a car accident. Boden also becomes skeptical of Assistant Deputy Commissioner Gorsch’s motives.

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