Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 12

Previously On RHOC, Gina was still dealing with the aftermath of the Italian dinner at Vicki’s house where she felt compelled to defend her divorce. We end up seeing her talking to her parents, who have been married for 40 years, and they fully support her decision. They are even planning on moving to the OC in the next few years to help Gina though I think she is better suited for Long Island. Emily is making major life choices, as well but she is making them without husband, Shane’s consent. She shares with mother-in-law, Pary that she is going to meet with her fertility doctor to discuss having another baby since she has several embryos stocked up. Shane is not a fan of having another kid as he has a total of five children (three with her) so Emily is taking matters into her own hands and Pary could not be more proud. Now, if Shane could just pass the bar. Vicki had made Steve a badass by encouraging him to get back on his motorcycle but all social media could focus on was how annoying she sounded, screaming on the bike. She is seemingly still trying to convince herself that she loves him and he is so amazing but to each their own.

Shannon, her daugter, and Tamra are off to the QVC headquarters in Philly to promote Shannon’s healthy meals but she is super nervous. This is make or break it and if it goes well, she will be invited back. Kelly styles Shannon so she will feel confident and then has a viewing party much like the ladies did when former housewife, Heather Dubrow was on EVINE. The biggest problem is Shannon is so loud but when she gets on-screen, she is a natural. But, there are mixed opinions from Tamra’s side who says Shannon’s wardrobe is ill-fitting while the ladies in the OC say she looks great and they even try to order some food to support Shannon. QVC thinks it’s a prank and hangs up on them. It’s hilarious but sad. She sells a lot of merchandise in a short time so when she FaceTimed the ladies in the OC, she suggests a girl’s trip. This means a trip is in their future. But, this week, Vicki pressures her son to have a baby while Eddie mentions more heart problems. Take look and don’t forget to watch RHOC Monday nights at 9pm on Bravo.


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