Previously On…911 and What to Expect for Season 2 Episode 4!

Previously on 911 season 2, the first responders were still dealing with the fallout from the 7.1 earthquake and working on saving one of their own. Meanwhile, Maddie was thrown to the wolves on her first day as a 911 dispatcher.

In an episode title’s “Help Is Not Coming,” Maddie starts off helping a frantic husband whose wife is in labor at 32 weeks along. However, when Maddie tells him she can walk him through how to deliver the baby, she finds out that the wife is also unconscious. They were on their way to the hospital when the aftershock hit and his wife fell and hit her head. The resources are spread pretty thin across the city and there are no available ambulances, however, there is a fire close to the couple’s house and Maddie sends them there. Before the couple arrives, Maddie calls the captain from the firehouse that is at the fire and explains to him the situation and tells him that this couple is in need of a miracle and he tells her that he might have a few of those left. The couple arrives and an ambulance on scene helps them.

Meanwhile, Bobby and his team are still trying to get a location on Hen. They are able to get a read on her GPS and start to dig through the rubble to try and find her. Eddie and Buck as still trying to save the woman from the room in the high-rise hotel, but when they get down to where they think the exit should be, it’s completely blocked off. This forces them to have to go back up and try and find another way out. Right before they head back up, Boddy does a roll call for his team. He calls out for Hen, with no response and Eddie and Buck know there is something wrong, but they have to focus on getting them and the woman out alive.

We then get a look at Hen, who is now conscious, but her radio is toast. She can’t call into Bobby and the team. She finds another firefighter down there with her, but he doesn’t have a radio. He is pinned under a huge column. While talking to Hen about his wife and how he messed up his marriage, he dies. Meanwhile, Athena is out trying to keep the peace while people are panicking.

After recording a message for her wife, Hen starts to dig her way out. While crawling through a small opening she was able to make, a dog comes out of nowhere. Hen starts to follow the dog. Meanwhile, Michael brings the kids to the local church to help out and keep their minds’ off their mother still not being heard from. With the cellphone towers being down, they haven’t been able to reach her.

Buck and Eddie find another victim in the hotel who has a spinal injury. They strap him to an ironing board decide that they are going to use the elevator shaft to get him and the rest of them down to safety. Back in the garage, Hen is still following the dog and the dog leads her right to the missing girl whose family is outside frantically waiting for an update.

We ended last week’s episode off with Bobby and Chimney disobeying a direct order to evacuate the building. As they continue to look for a way to get Hen out, Buck and Eddie come in with some equipment. As Bobby tells them that they are disobeying a direct order also, the firefighter in charge walks in with a huge team of first responders to help in the rescue efforts. They are able to get Hen, the little girl and the dog all out of the collapsed building. We also get a look at the couple from earlier in the episode holding their baby and Athena getting home to her family. Hen makes it home to her wife and brings the dog home for her child. Eddie makes it to finally see his son, who is special needs and has been waiting at the school all day for him.

Bobby called Athena at the end and tells her that he needs to see her, she tells him that she needs to see him too, but the roads are still a mess and the kids need to be fed. He repeats that he needs to see her and then adds “can you come out front?” She does and while they are talking, Michael comes outside. Bobby is nervous, but shakes his hand and introduces himself. Athena tells Michael and Bobby was just checking on her and he puts two and two together. He invites Bobby in for dinner, but Bobby tries to decline. You can tell he is worried about Athena’s children meeting him and Michael makes a comment that he has already set Bobby a plate at the table and the kids are excited to meet him. He joins them inside for dinner.

Tonight on 911 season 2, we will see as the rescue operations still go on after the earthquake. Athena is offered a promotion that would take her out of the field. Eddie also ends up reaching out to the crew for help with his son. Check out this preview of tonight’s episode of 911 and let me know what you think of the season thus far!


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