Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 2 Recap!

Previously On Mom, season 6 kicked off with Christy starting law school while Bonnie began planning her wedding to Adam. Both were epic disasters but it was how they found resolutions that proved how much both women had grown…and still have a long way to go. You can catch up on the season six premiere of “Mom” right here.

Christy is eating with her sponsor, Nora and is sharing how much she dislikes Gamblers Anonymous. She feels it is unnecessary; she does not feel validated when she goes. The food may be great at GA but the problems seem so ridiculous, especially what some of the addicts are addicted to like BINGO. At least in AA, there is some commonality. Though she got her 90-day keychain, she did not feel the same pride as when she got her 90-day chip for being sober from drugs and alcohol. She returns home where Bonnie wants to see her keychain and as Christy is about to break the news that she will be leaving GA, all of her AA girls are waiting there for her with a cake to celebrate her accomplishment. Everyone is proud, especially Bonnie because Christy saw she had a problem and did something about it. When Nora learns that Christy is staying in GA because Bonnie baked a caked, she tries giving her tools to better adapt such as sharing, making friends or finding a sponsor. She has very little luck when she actually goes in until she meets an older gentleman, Ned, who noticed her getting her 90-day and they go for coffee. He shares with her how he dipped into his daughter’s college fund, got beaten up and lost his teeth; a serious of unfortunate events and now he’s got 22 years under his belt. Christy says she does not feel she has a problem still but he gives her a test: gamble a little through controlled gambling. If she can stop, she does not have a problem but if it becomes more than that, she must call him. The fact that she can gamble in GA is quite exciting and dangerous for Christy so she chooses scratch-offs.

While she is learning if she is an addict, Bonnie has forgotten she has to take her blind Tennant, Mr. Munson, to chemo. On the way home, he asks if he can drive her 1985 Thunderbird. She reminds him he is blind but he says he wants to have some control over something in his life. She agrees and he is having a great time in a vacant parking lot but clearly a horrid driver. When she gets home, she sees Christy with the scratch-offs and is livid but Christy explains that Ned is giving her a test. Bonnie storms down to GA and wants to talk to Ned. But first, she wants to eat a little snack because the food looks so good!

At lunch with the AA ladies, Bonnie and Christy are sharing what happened at the GA meeting when Bonnie busted in demanding to talk to Ned. Marjory says she suggests controlled drinking to some newbies who come in so there is nothing wrong with it. Christy is still not convinced she has a problem and feels her mom wants her to have one. Bonnie reminds her she is on the path to becoming a lawyer and she cannot risk losing that but Christy thinks Bonnie just wants her to succeed so she can feel better about her skills as a mom. Suddenly, Christy opens the mail and receives a surplus check from financial aid for over five thousand dollars. Bonnie wants to take the check because she says she cannot be trusted; Christy walks away with the money and leaves the house. She ultimately ends up at a casino with the cash in her hands and calls Ned to tell him she wants to go inside the casino but since it is his voicemail, she has no guidance. She gets out but gets back in and calls her mom who is driving Mr. Munson to chemo while she vents about Christy but he won’t talk because he wants to drive and Bonnie won’t let him.

Christy sits in her car with a thousand thoughts. She thinks of the jackpots, the progressives, all of the money she could have and then thinks she could just eat shrimp cocktail and watch others gamble. As she is opening her door, her mom gets in and is so proud of her. Marjory soon follows with Nora, Jill, and Wendy in tow. The money is still in the trunk but soon they catch Mr. Munson stealing Bonnie’s car. With Christy back at GA, she is loving the food and trying to socialize with an elderly woman but she can only talk about the casino so Christy has to shed light on the situation. Hopefully, it sticks.

Next week, Bonnie and Christy are both in super good moods but not for long. You can catch “Mom” every Thursday on CBS at 9pm.

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