Previously On…Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 2 Live Recap!

Previously On Last Man Standing, we welcomed back the Baxter family on FOX. To see what it was like to have them back and how they adapted, you can catch the whole recap right here.

Mike’s father, Bud has passed away but it has been four months and he has yet to deal with the aftermath. Boxes of Bud’s stuff is piling up in the garage but Mike is just having Goodwill come to take it away. Ryan is the one who has been looking after Bud’s pot dispensary; interesting choice but better than Mike who always hated that place. Now is the perfect time to sell the shop but not great for Ryan because it is his place of employment. Kyle has a new position in the personnel department at Outdoor Man when Mandy comes to visit him and he feels super out of place, a perfect opportunity for his wife to give him a makeover. Unfortunately, every time he leans back, his partition falls onto co-worker, Brenda. Perfect time to transform into a businessman. Kristen goes to see her dad and tells him that she and Ryan want to take over the pot business, leaving Mike completely out of it. It clearly has sentimental value to the Baxter kids and Bud told Kristen it was his legacy.

Ed points out to Mike he saw Kristen coming out of his office upset and Mike shares she feels he did not care about Bud as much as she did. He says it is time she knew the truth about what a bad dad he was but both Ed and Chuck think it is a secret best left in the grave. He should not tarnish her image of her grandfather just because Mike did not have the best upbringing. Chuck lied about how his father truly was and he feels his son was better for it. Mandy is trying to dress Kyle but her style is way off base and they cannot seem to see eye to eye which is the same for Mike and Vanessa. He tells her he will be talking to Kristen about Bud but, like everyone else, she is not so sure this is the best idea.

As Mike says he will tell the truth, he hears his father’s voice and walks in on Bud sitting in the garage. Mike does not want to have the conversation but Bud refuses to stop talking. Mike says he was not involved in his life; he would kick his butt; Mike feels he was a better dad than Bud was. Mike never remembers his dad saying he loved him and Bud replies with the same; Mike says he was going to but they realize time does not wait for anyone and Bud is gone. Back at the office, Kyle is dressed very sharply which leaves Ed extremely impressed so he invites Kyle to his office for a drink. When Kyle gets up, it is revealed, he is wearing very short shorts with a blazer so it is business on top and nothing on the bottom. Kyle tells Mandy he will wear what he wants and he thinks he offended her but she loves his confidence.

Mike ultimately turns over his father’s weed shop to Ryan and Kristen and says he is available for consultation whenever. She tells her dad her grandpa was her hero so she explains to Mike that Bud was the first person to find out she was pregnant at 17. She told him everything and how she thought her dad would be so ashamed of her but Bud reassured her that Mike would always love her regardless and now he is finally having his moment mourning his father. He tells Kristen he loves her, just to remind her and she walks away. All of Bud’s stuff leaves except for his special chair, which Mike insists on keeping until Kristen walks in and says he looks just like his dad. Last Man Standing airs Friday nights on Fox at 8pm.

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