Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 15 Episode 3 – Gut Feeling

Previously on…Grey’s Anatomy season 15, we watched as the Alex took on his first day as Interim Chief of Surgery and Jo took on her first day in her fellowship. Maggie dealt with Jackson disappearing off the face of the planet and Amelia dealt with her feelings for Owen.

Within moments of his first day as Interim Chief of Surgery, Alex approved the purchase of a $65,000 3-D printer but managed to mess up the surgery board. Jo is trying to get Bailey’s head in the game with her fellowship, but Bailey is too worried about fixing Alex’s mistakes.

Maggie calls for a plastics consult and finds out that Jackson has taken a leave of absence. He informed everyone via email of this leave, but Maggie got a voicemail. She is clearly upset about this and starts to take it out on people around her. Maggie later says that the voicemail said that Jackson needed to take a step back from his whole life and try to see a bigger picture.

There is a new doctor in town, Dr. Link, he is the new ortho doctor in the hospital. Maggie apparently tried to get Link to hit on Amelia, which ended up just upsetting Amelia. This ended up working itself out when Amelia realized that Maggie was hurting by Jackson’s abrupt disappearance.

Richard is having a hard time with Alex being in the Interim Chief spot and takes it out on a patient. A shop teacher suddenly passes out while trying to show a student how to use a table saw. The teacher loses a couple fingers and the student ended up with the table saw in his chest. After running blood tests, it showed that the teacher’s blood alcohol level was really high, however, the teacher isn’t a drinker.

As the episode went along, Richard is grilling the teacher about his drinking while Link is trying to sew his fingers back on. Richard is irritating the teacher and Link. Richard thinks he is helping an alcoholic but later realizes that the teacher isn’t an alcoholic, he has a rare condition called Auto-Brewery Syndrome that causes his body to produce intoxicating amounts of ethanol.

Meanwhile, Roy loses a patient. Guy came in with a bloody nose and Roy tells him to sit down, keep the pressure on his nose and he would be back. By the time Roy went back to check on him, the guy was spewing blood from his nose and his mouth. Roy’s tells everyone in the OR that it was just a nosebleed, he is told that a nosebleed that brings someone into the ER, is never just a nosebleed. Alex tells Roy to leave, but Koracick tells him that Roy can’t leave until he calls time of death. He refuses and leaves the OR and this causes Alex to fire Roy. Not for the lack of care to the patient, but for not owning his mistake.

We ended the episode off with Jo telling Bailey that she is starting to feel like Bailey isn’t holding up her end of their partnership. Bailey tells her that it’s been a little hard for her. When Alex walks in, Bailey flips about the budget, turns out that Alex read the budget wrong and thought that he was spending the monthly budget. It was the budget for the entire quarter.

We ended last night’s episode off with Maggie and Amelia talking about Jackson leaving, Richard watching as the shop teacher and his students are reunited and then Richard, DeLuca and Link all go out for dinner after a long day. When Link invites Richard to go out for a drink with him and DeLuca, he tells Link that he doesn’t drink. Link asks if they have a dart board, pool table or even a burger and Richard is confused. Link tells him that they went a couple rounds over a patient, doesn’t mean they can’t be friends.

Next week we will have a special two-hour crossover for Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 make sure you come back for all the details!

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