Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Premiere Live Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, season nine ended with two proposals so now we are starting out season 10 with our four favorite friends on primetime television. If you need to catch up, you can do so right here.

Grace is petitioning to become president of the New York Society of Interior Designers but she is not having the best go of it. She tried to shmooze her neighbor only to learn that this lady has lived below her for 19 years and even took Grace to Urgent Care when she got an awful bite. She tells Will he has an awful wife and he jokes that is why they never have sex. Grace questions where Jack is as he is supposed to brag about how amazing she is; she did bribe him with five yoga classes but he comes in with really bad acting and ends up leaving. The New York Twitter Kamuggen (poor spelling), Noah (David Schwimmer) shows up and is extremely rude but Grace feels that if she wins him over, a shout out would do wonders. He ends up mocking her on social media so another fail for Grace.

Karen goes to see Will to talk about going to see a plastic surgeon and as she leaves, she ran into Jack in the hall. In two seconds, she was able to convince him that he needed a facelift before FaceTiming with his fiance, Estafan’s family. Grace has decided to stalk Noah at a coffee shop after his mean tweet and she tells him that he was flirting with her; he brought up his angry ex and he tells her she must not date a lot. They bicker but she seemingly fails at a resolution. Jack is late to meet Will but when he gets there, he lathers on numbing cream for his upcoming facelift. Will tells him he is using way too much and Jack proceeds to lick his lips when Will reads that overuse can cause numbness. It lasts four hours and now Jack is completely numb but he has to call Estafan but he can’t. Will convinces him eating a banana will reverse the effects and like a dope, Jack gives in.

Grace cannot give up on Noah and thinks he finds fault in everything but he turns it on her. He says she is single at her age and she, again, storms away. Poor Jack FaceTimes his fiance, still unable to move his face and learns that Estafan’s father has had a stroke. At first, his fiance thinks he is mocking stroke patients but then, in a Ricky Ricardo voice, Jack explains what happened. Estafan explains that he loves Jack just the way he is. Karen and Will are celebrating but Karen keeps saying they keep getting older by the second but he reminds her that he will always be there for her. Grace finds Noah again and tells him he’s a coward. She says she is not afraid to take chances and she writes a whole monologue down on toilet paper and he slips; he actually Googled Grace. She ends up leaving Noah speechless and he will take down the tweet. He then asks her if she would like a rice pudding.

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