Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 3 Live Recap!

Previously On The Big Bang Theory, Raj revealed that he was getting married via an arranged marriage and Sheldon and Amy went on a crazy scavenger hunt to uncover what their wedding gift was from Leonard and Penny. You can catch up on it all right here!

Bernadette and Howard’s neighbors are moving because the babies are too loud so they suggest Leonard and Penny move in; they both decline. Raj shares that he will be meeting up with his new future wife and everyone is shocked he is letting his dad select a wife. He says it is done via a survey/questionnaire and Leonard and Penny are proving they do not know much about each other. Upon receiving the questionnaire, Penny seemingly does not want kids at all. The question actually scares her. At the same time, Raj is on his date and she is frightening as she is very hardcore. She is 34, wants kids right away, and is quite demanding. Penny goes to see Bernadette to ask her to go to lunch but she can’t because the kids kept her up all night and that is when Penny reveals that she does not want kids; in fact, she does not want to be a mom at all.

The only person who is seemingly happy is Stuart who brought Denise back to his room back at Howard and Bernadette’s to get it on to Sade’s “Smooth Operator” twice. At lunch, the boys ask Raj how his date went and he asks Howard to be his best man to which Howard proceeds to tell him it’s a bad idea. Now, Howard and his wife are in the doghouse with their friends for giving advice. Penny decides to tell Leonard that she does not want kids. At first, he thinks she is telling him she is pregnant but she reveals she is not sure she wants to be a mom ever. This comes as quite a shock to him. Leonard is driving Sheldon and he is still stung by the news about Penny not wanting kids; he says he always assumed they’d have kids and now the family line ends with him. Sheldon reminds him that both his sister and brother had boys so the line won’t die. Leonard goes back to silence.

Howard goes to talk to Raj and try to make up with him when he learns the wedding might in India. Reconciliation over. Amy storms in to Penny’s and gets upset at the fact that they won’t have kids together. Who will her kids play with or be friends with? They were supposed to be pregnant together and all that good stuff! But, Penny reminds her that she will be the fun Aunt Penny and all will be right with the world. Now Penny has to make things right with Leonard and she tries to with a hamburger; it just all took him by surprise. He says he’s just happy to have her in his life but then the phone rings and it is Penny’s dad. Leonard called him to share Penny’s plans and he is fuming over not getting a grandchild so this may change everything.

Raj is meeting with his new wife and all she wants to talk about is finances leading him to realize this is not love. He is a romantic, something Howard pointed out to him. As Raj is getting ready to leave, his arranged lady stops him and tells him he seems nice and he’s tall enough so she can wear heels. Plus, she thinks he will make a good father and that is enough to start with. She gets down on one knee and proposes to which he excitedly says “yes” and then she says he can kiss her, warning that she has a tongue ring. He likes her naughty side. This is a very happy night, except for maybe Penny who is getting an earful from her dad.

After hearing all of the things Leonard thought he would never have, Penny rented him the Batmobile but he drives away before she can get in. Next week, Sheldon is reunited with his high school best friend turned enemy. Don’t forget to catch The Big Bang Theory every Thursday night at 8pm on CBS!

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