Previously On…Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 2 Live Recap!

Previously On Murphy Brown, we saw the old gang come back together and Murphy Brown goes head to head with her son, Avery in the same time slot but on different networks. You can catch up on the season 11 premiere right here.

It’s too early for Corky and Frank to host; it has killed Frank’s dating life so Murphy suggests he try online dating like Silver Singles. Miles asks Murphy why she is still coming to work in her pajamas from the waist down but she says she wants to optimize her sleeping as much as possible. She even brushes her teeth in the car, that’s how bad it has gotten. The hosts are warned to stop yawning so widely on camera as Frank was caught in a screenshot which was tweeted into them. Miles suggests they all go to Phil’s to celebrate the fact that they are all back together but Murphy has to hang back for a few minutes when she meets her new assistant. She comes in drunk and is horrible at taking messages; she should be fired ASAP. Or she should go work at Phil’s where his sister, Phyllis is holding interviews for a new waiter. She questions a new gent, Miguel, if he will be good at his job since he is a student but he said he worked at a food truck and then he mentions marrying ketchup and he is hired on the spot. Avery soon joins them for food and shares he got into a press conference. Unfortunately, Murphy has been banned from the White House after her Twitter war with the president. Murphy and friends want to know how Avery can be so confident he will get his question answered and as it turns out, Sarah Sanders has a thing for him; in return, Miles has a thing for Sarah so it all is very cyclical.

Murphy tries to get access to the press briefing but she cannot do it. She knows no one and anyone she did know has been fired. There is only one solution: put her in a disguise. She has a fake nametag and is ready to go but when she gets to the gate, it is open with a sign that reads “back in five.” She realizes how screwed this country is but it makes for an even more exciting entrance to the White House. Once inside, Murphy takes her brown wig off and walks in as her true self. They show real clips of Sarah Sanders and have her flirting with Avery. She calls on someone else, who Murphy shoves down, so she can ask why the government lies. Murphy urges the press to walk out and show the administration they want the truth and won’t stand for anything less. She knows so many of the reporters and she is most hurt by her son sitting there and settling for less than what the press and Americans deserve.

Avery comes home and is fuming. He did not get to ask his question and it hurt him because it was his first press briefing. He let his mom know it was hard growing up in her shadow but he has to do things his own way. He knows that a lot of the journalists agreed with Murphy, he certainly did, but they could not all leave. Avery had listened to his mother’s wisdom for years so he did what was right for him so she apologizes; he makes her repeat herself. He secretly records his mom apologizing and makes it his new ringtone so it goes off when Sarah Sanders calls. Next week, the #MeToo movement comes up and there is no holding back! Perfect timing, if you ask me!

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