Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 What to Expect Episode 8

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, viewers were hit with some hard but not totally unexpected news, just 20 minutes prior to the last episode airing. It was announced that Jenni and her husband, Roger we divorcing. The week before, Jenni had actually decided to leave Las Vegas and her roomies after feeling like they were no longer a family. A lot had transpired between the first and second family vacation and you can catch up with the drama right here.

With Jenni gone from the house, the show must go on. But, with her leaving, the girls have decided to head back home, as well. Snooki has a husband and two kids to tend to while Angelina left her fiance back East and probably has some explaining to do in regards to her behavior with Pauly D and some of the sexual things she said about him when she was under the influence. This leaves the boys to have a bachelor weekend and last time this happened was back in Miami and Pauly initiated the prank wars by bringing in Angelina. What will he possibly do now? The guys are on daddy detail as Jen has moved out of her and Ron’s home so he wants to start getting things ready to be a single father. As we know now, he has actually moved back to Jersey. There are some reminders of Ronnie’s ex as she left behind two smashed up televisions. Reminiscent of when Ron went on a tangent and banged up all of Sammi’s stuff in the Shore house and she went home to find some peace for a brief time. What goes around comes around and the Shore is no different.

To keep it light, Vinny and Pauly decide that they have to do something to honor their love. They are in Vegas, after all, so they have a “bromittment” ceremony presided over by Elvis. Mike is the flower girl and it is beautiful. If any relationship is built to last, it is Pauly and Vinny, just saying. One duo that needs couple’s counseling is Jenni and Snooki since their friendship has gone so sour but now that they are in the same state, they cannot escape each other. Snooki comes to see her bestie with some alcohol and they realize communication is key if they will keep being as close as they are and not have these serious issues. They were just reunited at Mike’s fiancee’s bridal shower so we all know that any beef has been squashed and Jenni can put on a brave face even in the middle of a divorce. Snooki has more work to do in the form of an Angelina makeover. Because I would trust Snooki to make me look classy. Finally, the boys are having one last hoorah in Vegas and bringing some ladies home as it seems Vegas days are soon to be a thing of the past.

Tonight, the entire cast heads back to their old stomping grounds in Seaside Heights. But, will they be welcomed and will it be the same as they remembered? Take a look! And don’t forget to catch the show starting at 8pm on MTV!


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