Previously On…Chicago PD Season 6 and What to Expect in Episode 2!

Previously on Chicago PD season 6, we watched as the Intelligence Unit worked with Voight on adminstrative leave and Antonio stepped up to the plate. Ruzek is having a hard time working side by side with Antonio though.

Voight, who is still being investigated for shooting the man who set up the hit on Olinsky, is in this situation because the only witness to the shooting was Antonio. When Antonio was asked for his side of the story, he chose not to back Voight’s story.

Throughout the episode we watched as Ruzek kept Voight in the loop on the on a case they are working where people are overdosing on drugs laces with battery acid. Even had Voight helping him with the case off the books. Ruzek and Voight continued to bend the rules throughout the investigation, however, in the end they found out who was lacing the drugs and was able to make an arrest. Not without Ruzek and Antonio getting into it a couple times.

Voight and Antonio have a conversation after the arrest was made and Voight tells him that regardless of how things are going right now, he respects that Antonio has a code to live by. Even if it’s not the same as his.

After this conversation, Antonio goes to the head of Internal Affairs and tells her that without Voight’s help, they wouldn’t have been able to find the bad drugs. She calls Voight and when they meet she tells him that she will reinstate him if she helps him out with something. She tells him that she needs him to support the person running for mayor and he tells her that he needs a favor from her as well. He asks her for a letter of exoneration for Olinksy so that his family can collect his pension.

We ended the episode off with Voight being reinstated. Trudy shows up to Voight’s house right before Olinsky’s funeral and tells Voight that she talked to Meredith, Olinsky’s wife, and she would prefer that Voight didn’t attend the funeral.The men and women of the Chicgao PD get together for Olinsky’s funeral while Voight watches from a distance and says goodbye to his friend from across the street.

This week’s episode of Chicago PD is part three of a OneChicago crossover. The Intelligence Unit will be investigating the cause of the fire and then going after the person responsible for it. Here is a preview of tonight’s episode of Chicago PD.

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