Previously On…Chicago Med Season 4 and What to Expect in Episode 2!

Previously on Chicago Med season 4, we watched as Sarah Reese left Med and decided to finish her fellowship at another hospital. She felt betrayed by Dr. Charles and felt like she couldn’t continue to work with him. If you remember, at the end of season 3, Dr. Charles suspected that Dr. Reese’s father was a serial killer. At the end, of the season finale, Dr. Reese’s father collapsed while speaking with Dr. Charles about his suspicions and Dr. Charles hesitated to perform CPR.

In last week’s episode, we watched as Dr. Reese explained to Dr. Charles that not only did he not come to her with his suspicions about her father, but she knew that he didn’t plan to save her father’s life. Dr. Charles is clearly upset about her leaving, she has always been like a daughter to him and he snaps at one of the student doctors. We also watch as he sits in his office, drinking and reading through Dr. Reese’s case log which she left in his office.

Last season’s finale also left us wondering what Dr. Manning’s answer to Dr. Halstead’s marriage proposal was. We found out that she did say yes, but it took her a week to do so. We also watched as the couple argued over if they were having a big or small wedding and where it was going to be held. Dr. Halstead wants to have a big wedding, but Dr. Manning has already done that and just wanted to go to City Hall. Throughout the episode, we watched as Dr. Manning realized that she was being selfish and by the end of the episode agreed to have a big wedding.

Dr. Choi and April are no longer together, but that isn’t the biggest problem that Dr. Choi has in his life right now. He has been helping his sister Emily work through the 12-step program and really trusts that she is working hard to get clean. However, at the end of the episode, we find out that Emily has been seeing someone in her AA group and has become pregnant. Dr. Choi tells April that Emily can’t have this baby and he lists off a handful of reasons why all revolving around the possibility of Emily relapsing while she is pregnant. April tells him that regardless of that, this is a human life and they need to protect it. She also tells Emily that even though they have had their differences, she is there for her.

Dr. Rhodes has taken a position at the Mayo Clinic, but after losing a patient while transporting him to an OR, he writes up a proposal to have a hybrid OR inside the ED. His proposal is shot down at first, but after Dr. Bekker talks to Rhodes’ father, one of the biggest donors for the hospital, the board is forced to approve it the second time around with the stipulation that Dr. Rhodes would have to stay and run the program and he agrees to do so. The new CEO of Med, Gwen Garrett, pulls Ms. Goodwin aside and tells her that he is not happy about her going behind her back to the donors. Gwen then tells Ms. Goodwin that she isn’t happy with Dr. Stohl’s performance as of late and the board will not be renewing his contract. Ms. Goodwin can’t believe that Gwen is willing to take this out on Dr. Stohl.

Tonight we have a three-part crossover! On Chicago Med, the doctors and nurses of Med find themselves rushing around treating patients from the fire. Dr. Rhodes fights to save the life of one of Chicago Fire’s own. Check out this preview of Chicago Med right here! If you missed our preview of Chicago Fire, you can find that right here!


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