Previously On…Will and Grace Season 9 and What to Expect Season 10!

Previously On Will and Grace, the reboot did so well, actually better than the final season of the series initial run that the show was picked up for a tenth season. Coming back after an 11-year hiatus was not a challenge for the show but it seemed the time was right. Everyone was doing it; look at “Roseanne” and the success that show experienced. It was renewed on premiere night and even though Roseanne Barr was fired, the show is still going on with “The Conners.” “Murphy Brown” is also making a huge comeback and these shows were off the air for far longer than “Will and Grace” so it is exciting to see everything old become new again.

In season nine, we learned Jack’s son, Elliot married a closed-minded woman and was trying to help “pray the gay away” from Jack’s grandson, Skip. In the end, Jack helped to save his relationship with both his boys. Grace officially ended things with Leo and we learned the whole series finale never could have happened. Rosario passed away; Grace is in charge of decorating the oval office for Donald Trump, which is her worst nightmare;  and Karen is cheating on Stan with Malcolm ending in two marriage proposals for the season. So, what can we expect for season 10? Take a look!


“Will and Grace” airs Thursday night at 9pm on NBC!

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