Previously On…This Is Us Season 3 and What to Expect for Episode 2!

Previously On This Is Us season 3, we got a look at all the events that revolved around Kate, Kevin and Randall’s 38th birthday. In the episode titled “Nine Bucks” we also got a look at the early days of Rebecca and Jack’s relationship. Keep reading to get the details of last week’s episode and a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 3!

Jack had met Rebecca at a bad she was performing at and after her performance, he took her to a carnival with only nine bucks in his pocket. The date turned out to be pretty terrible when it started to rain and Jack didn’t have enough money to buy an umbrella. When they get to her house, she tells him about how her friend told her that if it was a good date, she should pretend to forget something in his car so that he was forced to come back, but she isn’t that kind of girl and this wasn’t that kind of date. She adds that there is just something about the way he looks at her, she kisses him, and then gets out of the car, leaving her jacket behind. When Jack goes to return it, there is a man with flowers standing at Rebecca’s door, they kiss and Jack drives off.

Regardless of trying to keep their relationship a secret, Kevin and Zoe found themselves face to face with an irate Beth. During last week’s episode we found out that it wasn’t because she was being protective of her younger cousin, she was actually being protective of her brother-in-law, Kevin. During a very touching conversation between Beth and Kevin, she tells Kevin that Zoe has a troubled past and she is worried that Zoe will chew him up and spit him out. At the end of the episode, it looks like Kevin is going to disregard his sister-in-law’s warning and feel out the situation himself.

We also got a look at Kate and Toby’s struggle with infertility. Kate finds out that she has Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome which is causing her to have a hard time concieving a baby. This combined with Tody’s 6-year stint on anti-depressants, they decide to go the IVF route. After being turned down during their initial appointment, they are called back and offered the help from the specialist. After Toby finds out that his anti-depressants are causing him to have a low sperm count, he dumps his pills in the toilet.

Meanwhile, Beth and Randall are facing another monster of their own. Things have calmed a bit since Deja took out her frustrations on Randall’s car, but Beth and Randall have been informed that Deja can’t be their foster kid forever and they need to start the adoption process. Randall plans out this road trip to his father’s old apartment complex and while they are standing outside the building, Randall tries to compare Deja’s situation with his own. He tells her that he and Beth want to formally adopt Deja, but he wants it to be her choice.

She explains to him that their situations are nothing alike, he had a family that loved him while her father never bothered to be around and her mother gave her up. When they get home, Deja sneaks out of the house to go see her biological father and tells him that he will never have to see her again if he does her a favor. When she gets home, she admits to sneaking out and pulls out a gift for Randall. At the Big Three’s birthday party later on, Randall opens his gift and it’s a pair of new running shoes. She tells Randall that she had a connection and it wasn’t a big deal and then told him and Beth that they can start the adoption process if they want.

Check out this sneak peek of this week on This Is Us season 3 and let me know what you think of the season so far!


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