Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 11

Previously On RHOC, Gina revealed that her divorce from Matt would be relatively painless. The two still were best friends, attracted to each other, and cared for one another but moved from Long Island to the OC and spending time apart made them realize they married too young and had grown apart. The women did not like this answer and went to attack Gina. At a dinner party thrown by Vicki, the hostess attacked Gina for not believing in God and claiming she had no moral compass. They just all had such bitter divorces, they wanted her to feel the same pain. Maybe millennials have evolved. Gina ran off crying and called Matt and it took a while for bestie, Emily to join her. The women claimed they would try to support her but this hard to believe. They brought up monetary issues to which Gina says she does not care. Maybe she really is different than these OG’s but only time will tell. Coming up, the women all go on vacation which turns friends into enemies. Take a look and do not forget to watch RHOC on Bravo Monday nights at 9pm.


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