Previously On…9-1-1 and What to Expect for Season 2 Episode 3!

Last week on 9-1-1 season 2, we watched the two-night premiere! You can find a recap of part one right here. In part two, we watched as the first responders tackled a 7.1 earthquake. Maddie started her first day as a 911 dispatcher, Athena found herself dealing with a collapsed bridge and the firefighters dealt with a collapsing high-rise hotel.

While Athena was apprehending a teenager which sticky fingers, an earthquake hit LA. The highway she was traveling on collapsed and she found herself trying to rescue people trapped in their cars. Athena came across a man named Dave who was trapped in his car which was flipped upside-down, his car started leaking gas and caught on fire. She is able to run back to her car to get a fire extinguisher, but it wasn’t enough.

The car was still burning and Athena goes back to her car and asks the teenager in cuffs if he can hotwire a nearby cement truck. He does and they use the cement truck to smother the fire. She uses this as a learning tool for the teenager. She tells him the next time he thinks about doing something bad, to think about how crappy he feels about going to jail and then remember how good it felt to save that man’s life.

Meanwhile, the firefighters were all working on saving people trapped inside the collapsing high-rise. They come across a guy named Jeff, his leg is pinned under a huge concrete block with his basketball coach by his side. After getting the coach out, they tell Jeff that he only has a couple options. He is told that there is a guaranteed way to get him out and another way that holds a lot of risks. He is told that they can guarantee to get him out by cutting him free, which would mean losing his leg or they can get an airbag in there to support the concrete block and pull him out.

Jeff doesn’t want to lose his leg because that means no more basketball. Bobby reminds Jeff that he has family that will love him regardless of whether he can play or not and Jeff explains that it isn’t that, it’s that he worked really hard to get where he is. Bobby tells the crews to get the airbags down there. Before inflating the airbags, Jeff tells them that if things go south, to leave him there and get out because it was his idea to try this.

Bobby, Hen, Chimney, and Jeff are heading out of the building when Hen spots the shoe of a little girl whose mom is searching for her. They get confirmation that the shoe belongs to the little girl and they start looking for her. Meanwhile, Buck and Eddie are on a higher floor of the hotel looking for a man who is stuck against one of the windows in one of the rooms. One of his female colleagues is in the room also. They are able to get the woman secured, but while doing so, the glass the man is pinned against is starting to break.

While both teams are inside, there is an aftershock which causes the window the man is pinned against to break and the woman to slide towards the open window frame. Hen gets pinned under some debris and is trapped inside the high-rise. On tonight’s episode of 9-1-1 season 2, we will watch as the team tries to save Hen from the crumbling high-rise. You are not going to want to miss a minute of tonight’s episode! Check out this preview and let me know what you think will happen tonight on 9-1-1!

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