Previously On…Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 1 Recap and What’s Up Next!

Previously On Last Man Standing, we saw the show move from ABC to FOX after a one-year hiatus. Despite relatively decent ratings for a family comedy, the show was axed after six seasons. Fans wanted the show back desperately but it took one year for them to get their way and you can read all about the struggle right here. The ratings were at a super high point as of last night so let’s see if it holds up after s season away.

The show opens with Kyle trying to DVR his favorite show as the family awaits Kristen bringing Eve home from the Air Force Academy. As Kyle is struggling, Vanessa making a crack that his show may have gotten canceled; he questions why they would take away a show everyone loves. Mike comments that the network must be a bunch of idiots and to try another channel but Vanessa says that cannot happen but sure enough, Kyle finds it on another network. Mike says the show looks much better on the new network and thinks it must have so many loyal fans who helped make this happen. Just take the elephant out of the room now; the show went from ABC to FOX and they are way happier here. Kyle tells Mike he got Mandy mad and she made some changes, pointing to the fact there is a new actress in the role but when she comes down, he says she looks exactly the same. Eve is the only one who sees a change and is thrilled.

Everything is the same at Outdoor Man with Ed and Chuck as Ed is over the moon to see Eve back in town while Kristen cannot wait to take her sister out to dinner at Outdoor Man Grille. Back at home, Mike finds Ryan feeding Boyd fried chicken, which would be the anti-christ to him in the past but he is so devastated with where the world is now, the shambles and the president, that he has lost all morale. He is disenchanted so Mike gives him some advice and when Ryan comes back the next day, he is back to his odd self, with his homemade Elderberry jam…and a bomb to drop: he’s moving his family back to his homeland of Canada. Mandy finds out about Ryan’s plan and she is not happy; she brings up the “electric” college after actually showing some smarts. Vanessa finally shuts down political talk for the rest of Eve’s trip, which will be super hard for this family.

At work, Ed says Mike raised three great daughters but he just says they are a pain in the ass. It is very hard for the family to have a conversation not involving politics, as they are finding. Mike says he saw a dead deer, Vanessa mentions the Canada thing, Mike suggests Eve say something nice to Mandy and then Kristen and Ryan come into the house in a panic because Boyd has gone missing. He is actually at Outdoor Man but I believe this will bring the family together because they have one other thing in common- a love for Boyd. He confesses to Mike he does not want to move to Canada; he is finally playing football, he is having fun building with him, and he is tired of all of the fighting. Everyone apologizes but Ryan says he has to move to Canada regardless. Mike hands Ryan the paperwork to become a US citizen so now he would have a vote and could override Mike’s in the long run. After it is all resolved, Kyle finally realizes what is different about Mandy- she is taller and blonde. Facepalm.

As always, Mike ends with his wise words in his vlog and all is right with the world. But, was this reboot of the show right? It is hard to say. It was the debut on a new network. It started out strong but the new Mandy will take some time and the writing needs work. The family does not gel like it once did but  am hoping it will catch it on. Last Man Standing airs Friday night at 8pm on FOX.

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