Previously On…Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1 and Where Is the Season Headed!

Previously On…we watched the iconic Murphy Brown return to television after 20 years away from television. If you were not familiar with the original or need a refresher prior to the reboot, we have you covered with a complete recap right here.

Murphy Brown starts out by watching the 2016 election and is appalled with the results that Donald Trump is our 45th president. Immediately tackling politics and that we have to love her for and it is literally out of the gate! It is her worst nightmare but we see somewhat of two-year time lapse and experience her life and how she is participating in women’s events alongside old colleague, Frank, donning one of those infamous pussy riot hats. This cannot be outdone by Murphy, at one time, wearing a shirt that reads “Original Nasty Woman” shirt, one we all could use. She and Frank have gathered at Phil’s, now owned by his sister (Tyne Daly), donning a pink highlight in her hair. Corky comes in, all disheveled in her discount Ivanka Trump heels after having been let go from her job and now the three of them are kind of searching. It appears Frank is still working but he still has yet to settle down while Corky cannot accept she is hitting menopause and constantly hot. A group of younger girls are sitting across from them and one geeks out because it is Murphy but her friends look at her and go “who’s that?”

It is hard not reporting on all of this election chaos and excitement in the White House for Brown, especially since it was her son, Avery whom she watched on election night. This is her thrill but she is even more thrilled when he returns home to share he has landed a gig at The Wolf Network, a take on FOX News and he will be living with Murphy again. He is so excited about his show and, as it turns out, Murphy is going to be back on TV, as well on a cable network with Corky and Frank. They both reveal their time slots and it turns out it will be Brown versus Brown. Time for Murphy and crew to officially get the gang back together by finding Miles, holed up in a Watergate hotel. He has been broken by his time at “The View” but he agrees to join in. It becomes evident that Murphy needs a secretary and who walks in but Hillary Clinton but as Hilary. Here’s the clip. It was amazing.


It is now time for Murphy to join the technological age and get on Twitter, something Avery helps her with on the eve of their shows premiering. Her first tweet is about a date she went on with Trump and exclaims “fly little birdie!” The next morning, she is getting in trouble by Miles over this tweet, knowing people have gotten fired for much worse in tweets but the social media man at the network is thrilled and soon, Trump starts to tweet to Murphy. He calls her Old Murphy and it totally makes the guest talking about melting glaciers (she is pro-Trump) seem irrelevant. It becomes an on-air Twitter war and Murphy even throws in her old friend, Dan Quayle. In the end, the ratings are in for Avery and Murphy’s shows and though Murphy believes Avery must have beaten her, it turns out she clobbered him. She apologizes but goes on to gloat when he is in bed.

Coming up, Murphy is on fire but how well will her show do? Come back for the next 12 episodes!

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