Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 2 Live Recap!

Previously On the season 12 premiere of The Big Bang Theory, we saw Sheldon and Amy adjusting to married life on their honeymoon at both Legoland and in New York City. At the same time, Amy’s parents were having marital problems and hashing them out at Shamy’s apartment. You can catch up on all the excitement by clicking here.

This week, we get not one but two episodes of BBT so now that the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon, they have brought gifts: I HEART NY shirts for everyone which they purchased on Amazon Prime after forgetting to grab stuff while away. After, it is time to unwrap wedding gifts and write “thank you” cards, something tedious to Sheldon. But what is proving more daunting is trying to figure out what exactly Leonard and Penny got them. It is an interesting looking gift but quite unknown. What is also unknown is what is going on between Stuart and Denise, the girl who works at the comic book shop with him. They kissed at Shamy’s wedding but now they are in an awkward love spot. Speaking of the married couple, they cannot sleep while thinking of the gift from Leonard and Penny, which was said to be the perfect gift, according to the card. They searched the box and the next day, Sheldon goes to see the couple to quiz them to find answers. They secretly know he is clueless as to what it is and that gives them such glory. Sheldon goes to ask Howard if he knows what it is and he does but then tricks Sheldon and Amy into believing it was a clue to a scavenger hunt. It turns out it’s a crystal Chakra wand that was first given to Howard and Bernadette for their wedding by Raj who handed it down to Penny and Leonard for their wedding (they had no idea what it was and it drove them crazy) so they handed the fun down to Amy and Sheldon. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The couple has ended up at a coffee shop for their scavenger hunt and they look like fools! They think the lost and found box is filled with meaningful gifts for them but it’s just a bunch of crap people have literally lost. Stuart is getting ready for the date Denise has agreed to go on with him but his prep is not going as planned. He got his hair colored which made him look even paler than he already was so he got a spray tan which has made him look orange (circa Ross on “Friends” so this is not original) and he does not want to go out anymore. Howard makes Willy Wonka jokes while Raj is starting to realize he has failed at dating so he calls his dad to ask for an arranged marriage. The only way that can happen is if he stops posting photos of himself in matching sweaters with Cinnamon, his dog.

Sheldon and Amy go over to thank Penny and Leonard for the gifts and give them a card in code which will unlock their new WiFi password. They want them to experience the fun of a scavenger hunt, as well but no one is laughing other than Shamy. At the same time, Raj comes in to share the news that he is getting married but cannot reveal his true self for 6-10 dates. This is not a good situation at all. Stuart is pretty brave though as he goes to pick up Denise the way that he is and she makes fun of him but it looks to be happy enough.

Next week, Penny reveals that she may not want kids. Oh nos!

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