Previously On…Murphy Brown Returns After 20 Years And What to Expect!

Previously On Murphy Brown…well, that was 20 years ago when the lights dimmed on the iconic show in May 1998 after 10 seasons and 247 episodes. Starring Candice Bergen, it made little girls everywhere want to become journalists and on-air reporters in a profession that seemed so male-dominated. Murphy Brown ran with the big boys and put her career first, this is after she returns to work post-rehab, in her early-40’s. So, she already has some stigmas to knock down, aside from being a woman. But, she was never afraid to tell it like it was and that was what viewers always loved and adored about Brown and only Bergen could have portrayed her with such zest and feist. Her character dealt with single motherhood during the fourth season when the father of her baby did not want to sacrifice his career for fatherhood. The show had some setbacks the following season behind-the-scenes but that did not stop it from lasting until season 10 and garnering Bergen five Emmy awards. It also struck a political note during the Bush/Quayle era so it is no shock that this show is being brought back tonight for a 13-episode run. Many of the original cast is back including Bergen, Faith Ford, Grant Shaud, Joe Regalbuto and more. Tyne Daly joins the series revival and we will see Brown’s adult son now, last played by Haley Joel Osment. We will have the complete season 11 premiere recap for you but here is a quick preview you won’t want to miss. Murphy Brown returns tonight to CBS at 930pm following Mom.


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