Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 1 Live Recap!

Previously On…Mom ended season 5 with Christy finally getting into law school and addressing her gambling addiction. You can catch up on all that you missed with our recap right here. Now, season 6 opens with Bonnie trying to give Christy a motivational speech on her first day of law school while feeding her a nutritious breakfast. She has a full speech prepared but Christy also has her own pep talk about how she got sober and made her way to law school; reached her goal and is not looking back. She is just about ready to go to school when her backpack rips open allowing Bonnie time to give her the worst pep talk ever! Of course, it is time for a meeting later on in the day where Jill reveals she met a dermatologist whom she can date in 200+ days. Bonnie announces that she is planning her wedding, a day all about her which causes the ladies to laugh but not as hard as when she claims she’s 49. Christy comes running in talking about her first day of law school. It was hard and she feels like she will be the odd one out. The other students do not have the same struggles like AA, Gamblers Anonymous, etc. that she does, plus a crazy mom to boot.

The next morning, Bonnie is trying to get Adam excited about going to look at a wedding venue but he has forgotten all about it and just tells her to plan the whole wedding on her own. She tells him he has Manzheimer’s and conveniently forgets things and will not like what she chooses but he disagrees. Let’s see how that turns out; not very well as Bonnie starts having nightmares that Adam is cheating on her with Louise from Trader Joes. Christy is also struggling because she got stuck at work when she needs to study but when she gets home, she realizes she left her backpack at the restaurant and cannot get back in. Luckily, Bonnie knows how to break in with a few bobby pins…or so she thinks. Christy gets help being pushed through the window and then the alarm goes off leading Bonnie to run but quickly returns when she realizes what she has done. Christy tries to jump back into her mom’s arms but falls to the ground. This is not a good situation.

In class, Christy is called on and she tries to hide the fact that she does not have her books. She says she will read the info that night but her professior tells her to read it right then and there so she grabs someone else’s book and reads for 20 minutes. She tells Bonnie and Adam about what happened in class over dinner and they start bickering over lawyers and who has the toughest one. Bonnie cannot stop seeing him cheating on her and at a pre-meeting meal, Christy confesses she quit law school. They don’t understand it and then she lectures Bonnie about her dreams, saying she has grown as a person and she really wants Adam to plan the wedding with her. While at the meeting, a new woman is speaking about getting sober and it flashes Christy to her first meeting. She realizes that when Bonnie said law school was not the hardest thing she’d ever done, she was right; getting sober was. So, she gets up, gives the new girl her number, and heads back to school. Bonnie wakes up from another nightmare and tells Adam she wants him to plan the wedding with her; he then tells her that the lady from Trader Joes is gay.

Next week, Christy is gifted with treats.

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