Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 And What to Expect for Episode 7 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!


Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, we said good-bye to Jenni. She was so mad at Snooki for betraying her by bringing in Angelina and then calling in best friend, Joey to be a buffer that she did not even reveal her flight time to the roomies. After a crazy night out filled with drinking and chaos, including Angelina scandalously dancing with Pauly, saying she would have sex with him if she was not engaged, Jenni bounced super early in the morning. When Snooki and Joey awoke, they saw Jenni was not even there anymore and it seemed like Snooki did not care much, which was really sad. It was very telling that their friendship was rocky after Jenni’s husband, Roger had asked all of Jenni’s close friends to do a video for Mother’s Day and the only roomie who took the time was Mike. That, I believe, was the beginning of the end.

Joey is definitely fun and down for anything, including trying on Jenni’s stripper heels and go “fake surfing” which keeps everyone entertained and he is just a happy guy, despite hitting on all of the men. Too bad Vinny is still back at home due to a death in the family but Pauly is keeping his memory alive, except for the fact he made a string cheese version of his bestie and Angelina ate it in the club. Ronnie is still being proactive about getting 50/50 custody of his daughter and knowing his rights. As you may have heard, he is actually moving back to Jersey from Las Vegas so we will see how this will change the dynamic having more of his roomies closer to him.

Tonight, Snooki tries to repair her relationship with Jenni while Vinny returns and his bromance with Pauly escalates to new levels. Take a look! And do not forget to catch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 on MTV at 8pm.

*Prior to the episode going to air, we received word that Jenni Farley and husband, Roger have called it quits. The duo, married for three years, cited irreconcilable differences in their divorce papers. They share a daughter and a son so one has to ask: did Jenni leave early because of struggles with her roomies or struggles at home? You decide and let us know in the comments!



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