Survivor Season 37 Live Recap: Appearances are Deceiving

It is time for the season 37 premiere of Survivor: David vs. Goliath! Make sure you refresh this page often for all the minute to minute details of tonight’s hour and a half long premiere of Survivor 2018 including who will be the first castaway voted off the island!

Survivor season 37 spoilers ahead! Do NOT read ahead if you don’t want to know what happened tonight on Survivor: David Vs Goliath!

We started tonight’s premiere of Survivor off with a look at the castaways as they meet with Jeff for the first time! As the castaways get onto the boat that will take him to the island, one of the castaways on the Goliath is already talking about how they got this in the bag. Jeff explains to all the castaways that they will each have an advantage in certain situations.

Jeff has Goliath pick who they think is the weakest man and woman on the David tribe, they pick Christian and Lyrsa. They are told to pick the strongest on their own tribe and they pick Alison and John. This turns into a challenge where the two from David go against the two from Goliath for a reward. David gets to pick the route Goliath has to take and what route they can take on their own. In the end, the David tribe wins the challenge proving that appearances are deceiving. They won shelter for their campsite.

Dan and Kara on the Goliath tribe are getting to know each other and there is a lot of flirting going on between the two of them. Dan tells her that she is her kryptonite and then adds that he has a dog named after Supergirl, whose name happens to be Kara. Pat on the David tribe is rubbing some of his fellow castaways the wrong way with some of his bossiness and his jokes aren’t really coming off as funny. In fact, some of his fellow castaways seem a little bothered by them.

The tribes are working to build their shelters, Goliath has to build theirs from scratch where David has gotten a shelter building kit. Like Pat on the David tribe, Natalie on the Goliath tribe is barking orders at the other castaways on her tribe. There are small alliances starting to form on both sides of the island. Meanwhile, the Goliath tribe is having a real issue with Natalie not helping with anything and while they are all complaining about Natalie, Mike sneaks off to look for an Immunity Idol. Everyone realizes he is gone and knows what he is doing, Natalie decides to go look for him. When she finds him, she tells him that he is putting a target on his back because he was gone too long.

Some of the castaways on the David tribe are starting to overlook Pat’s obnoxious jokes and over the top attitude because there are other people in the tribe not putting in any work. Dan is the first castaway to find an Immunity Idol, he is with Kara and one of the other girls when he finds it. Davie on the David tribe caught an octopus in the water and brings it back to camp for him and his tribe to eat.

The castaways are talking about their personal lives and Jessica on the David tribe is talking about helping her mother through an abusive situation. After she is finished telling her story Bi tells her that she was in an abusive relationship that she stayed in because she didn’t have someone in her life to help her. Later on that night, Nick tells them that he wants to talk about something with them and how it’s hard for him to open up about things. He tells them about losing his mother to drugs.

It is time for their first Immunity Challenge of the season and it is pouring rain! In this challenge, they will all sprint through an obstacle course as a tribe and the first tribe to finish wins not only immunity but flint! The losing tribe will then go to Tribal Council and vote out one of their own. Goliaths are off to an early lead, but the David tribe are able to catch up fairly quickly. While the Goliath tribe is barking orders and screaming at each other, the David tribe is communicating effectively, but that isn’t enough to get them the win. Goliath’s are able to put the number puzzle at the end together faster than the David tribe.

On the way back to camp, the castaways were on their boat back to camp, the boat hits a wave really hard and Pat lost his footing and hit his back on something on board. He was taken off the boat on a backboard and hooked up to an IV and seems to be in severe pain. Jeff comes and everyone knows that something bad has happened. Jeff is talking to the medics and asking if Pat can continue and the medic tells him that is the big question right now. Pat is pleading for them not to send him home.

Dr. Joe has decided that Pat can not continue and has to be sent to the hospital in order to rule out any real damage to his spine. They are all very upset that they are losing a tribe member, Jeff tells them that there is a silverlining to this. They will not have to go to tribal council because they lost a tribemate already.We did get an update at the end of the episode that said that Pat made a full recovery from his injury.

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