Previously On…This Is Us Season 2 and What to Expect for Season 3!

It is finally here! Our favorite show, even though it makes us ugly cry, is back! This Is Us season 3 premieres tomorrow night and I have a quick recap of the season finale and a preview for you right here!

We ended season 2 of This Is Us on a very emotional note. There were some clues as to what we could expect to see play out over the course of the next season and in case you missed them, here they were.

We started the season finale of season 2 off with Kevin, Randall and Kate preparing for Kate and Toby’s wedding. It was a stressful and emotional day for Kate because this is the day that women dream of, the day their father’s walk them down the aisle. That however isn’t the case for Kate.

Her wedding day started to tailspin when she found out that her father’s Daytona shirt, that she was going to have as her “something old” wasn’t packed. She went on an excursion to an ice cream shop nearby to get his favorite flavor of ice cream to serve with the wedding cake just to find that it had closed years ago. She then went to her favorite spot, a spot that her father and her shared many deep conversations and she spread his ashes only to find that her brothers, Randall and Kevin were by her car waiting. They went back to the cabin to get Kate ready for her big day and the festivities were amazing.

Beth and Randall now have Deja in the house in a more permenant situation, but Deja has been acting out since her mother gave up her parental rights. A comment by Toby’s mother about Deja looking like her father while the other two girls were a spitting image of their mother, sent Deja on a rampage. She took a bat and smashed Randall’s car while everyone was inside celebrating Kate and Toby.

While we were watching the toasts and Deja’s reaction to the comment made to her, we also got a look at some future events. Kevin on a plane with Beth’s cousin, Zoe that is about to land in Vietnam. A much older Randall and Tess getting ready to visit someone who they seem to resent. Kate telling Toby that she talked to his doctor and they want to meet with him to readjust his meds while Toby is laying in bed with the shades drawn.

What sends Toby into this depression? Why are Kevin and Zoe in Vietnam? Who are Tess and Randall visiting? What is going to happen with Deja? We will have to watch as this season takes off to find out! Check out this preview of what’s to come in season 3 of This Is Us premiering tomorrow night on NBC.


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