Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Live Season 12 Episode 1 Recap

Previously On The Big Bang Theory, we watched as Shamy got married in this recap seen here. Now, in the season 12 premiere, one which many fans are dreading as it in the final season, the couple awakens in their honeymoon…Legoland. Though Raj, Bernadette, and Howard are sad that Sheldon and Amy are away, Leonard and Penny are happy because they have some alone time…not really. Raj is telling everyone he will be on the news talking about a meteor shower and shares he wants to talk about “Mamma Mia 2” which both he and Leonard saw because of Meryl Streep and Cher until they hear loud sounds coming from Shamy’s apartment. They believe the couple is being robbed but of course, Penny knocks on the door only to find Amy’s father, Larry in the apartment. He claims he is doing errands for Amy but it appears to be lies so he scurries away only to come back when everyone is gone.

Having left Legoland for New York City, Amy and Sheldon are super excited to see Harry Potter live plays and have coitous, which is on Sheldon’s schedule. Amy is quite excited about his high sex drive but back in California, Amy’s mother is heard banging on Shamy’s door. Penny and Leonard rush out to see what is going on and they find her looking for Larry. Though Leonard insists he and Penny exit, she declines and Larry is found hiding in the shower. What is going on with Amy’s parents? The couple misses Raj’s segment on TV but no biggie; he embarrassed himself due to a rivalry with the network’s first choice, Neil deGrasse Tyson, who opted not to show up.

There is a lot of tension between Amy and Sheldon because she is growing tired of his constant scheduling of everything on their honeymoon. She alerts him to the idea that sex can now happen at any time since they are married and he is shocked. Amy’s parents are still fighting and note that Teller, who is playing Larry, is speaking a lot which is something that the magician never does. The fact he said “thank you” in the season 11 finale was a huge deal. Leonard makes Penny leave Amy’s parents to fight and he compares the Fowler’s to them with he being quiet and sweet and his wife being loud and brash. This did not sit well with Penny; Amy is not happy either as she and Sheldon are touring NYC and he wants to correct the guide to show the group he is the smartest boy there, as he puts it. Amy walks away and it is starting to make me think there is more going on with her. Could she be with child?

Raj needed someone to fight with so he took to Twitter to feud with Neil, the doctor he replaced on television. Penny is talking to Mrs. Fowler who reveals Larry told her she was overbearing. Penny tries to calm her down and is told she is a good person and hopes they spend a lot of time together. Penny ups and goes to see Larry to demand he leave immediately. Guess the thought of being with Mrs. Fowler all of the time is a fate worse than death. Sheldon goes to find Amy and comes carrying two hot dogs. He explains he schedules sex because he is scared if he doesn’t, he will forget to do it. She tells him he can schedule it, just do not tell her and then she says something scientific, which turns him on and off to the hotel room they run.

Raj ends up getting a phone call from Neil deGrasse Tyson and it is quite threatening. He scares the bajesus out of Raj and then goes on to call Bill Nye. This man has power! Now that season 12 has kicked off, it is not stopping any time soon; another new episode airs this Thursday so come back for another recap! See you soon! And please let us know what you thought of the final season premiere in the comments below!

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