Previously On…RHOC- What to Expect Season 13 Episode 10

Previously On RHOC, we watched as Kelly railed into Shane after he tried to defend Vicki’s boyfriend, Steve, who spoke to Page Six but would not own up to it. Not knowing Shane was Emily’s husband, Kelly annihilated him and then Emily came at her, screaming “I’ll kill you” and the ladies brought the drama to Eddie’s birthday. Just another OC birthday. Speaking of birthdays, it was time for Vicki to celebrate hers with a “surprise” party from Steve. Let’s be real; Twitter knows it was planned by Vicki as she screamed “I feel so popular.” Okay then. Emily and Kelly were civilized adults and rationally made up, which was amazing for these ladies and a huge step forward. Unfortunately, Gina and husband Matt took one big step back, one we all knew was coming from the news- they are getting a divorce. Gina handled the situation with the utmost strength and bravery, something that you don’t see much of on this show, especially since she is only 33. Bravo…literally. Shannon went on a blind date, courtesy of her matchmaker and he was cute and seemed sweet until he revealed he cried for a year straight after his divorce and had a lot of cats. Run away, Shannon. Tonight, Vicki yells at Gina and the OC sees more of what we love- DRAMA. Tune in to Bravo at 9p.m. for all of the excitement but until then, here is a sneak peek.


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