Previously On…9-1-1 and What to Expect for Season 2 Episode 2!

During last night’s episode of 9-1-1 on Fox we got to meet Buck’s sister Maddie, who left her husband and shows up unannounced at Buck’s house. We find out later in the episode that she was escaping an abusive relationship from a man who seems capable of anything. She does eventually tell Buck why she is leaving Doug, the abusive husband. She goes into detail about how things got really bad between them and she threatened to leave and he threatened to kill her. She tells Buck that he meant it. He tells her to stay with him and he will help her get a job at one of the hospitals, but she doesn’t want to do that worrying that her husband will find her. She wants to help people, but not do it face to face, Buck gets her a job as a 911 dispatcher.

Meanwhile, the new recruit at the firehouse is giving Buck a run for his money and Buck seems to be threatened by him. When they end up with a patient who managed to end up with a live grenade launcher cap in his leg, Buck and the new recruit, Eddie, play nice to save his life. The patient, Charlie, had a lot of shrapnel in his leg and needed surgery, but couldn’t be brought to the hospital because the sensor in the cap would set it off if it was brought too far from the patient. Buck seems to put his differences aside for the time being, but we will have to see how this plays out.

Chimney is struggling with his own self image when him and the guys agree to do a sexy firefighters calendar. He tells Hen that growing up he didn’t see hero’s that looked like him growing up and really wanted to be a role model. He tells her that he isn’t going to submit his photos, but is later told that Chimney was the only one picked out of their house for the calendar. Hen tells him that she was the one who submitted photos for him. However, it wasn’t any of the ones he had done, it was a picture from the scene of an accident that showed him being a hero.

Meanwhile, Athena is struggling with her own personal issues revolving around her divorce and her new relationship with Bobby. After a fight with Bobby over not wanting to come out publicaly as a couple, Athena gets some advice from her ex-husband, Michael. She tells him that she is afraid of being seen as a failure. He tells her that she is afraid to get invested in this relationship because she is afraid of being hurt, but her only other option is being alone. He tells her that he lived his entire life keeping the secret that he was gay and tells her that their divorce wasn’t a failure, they are still family. She then goes to the firehouse and gives Bobby a kiss in front of everyone.

Tonight on 9-1-1 we will watch as the first responders deal with an earthquake wreaking havoc on LA. This earthquake puts them all in danger as they try to save lives. While the firefighters are trying to rescue people from a crumbling high-rise hotel, Athena is at the scene of an overpass collapse and Maddie is thrown into her first crisis as a 911 dispatcher. Check out the preview below of the trailer for the special two-night premiere if 9-1-1, which includes scenes from last night’s episode and tonight’s episode!


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