Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Season 11 and What to Expect Season 12!

Previously On The Big Bang Theory, we watched season 11 close with the epic #Shamy wedding. Sheldon and Amy finally walked down the aisle after years of logarithms, dating, a few sexual encounters, and a lot of laughs. Their family proved there were even more reasons to love them as Jerry O’Connell came on board as Sheldon’s older brother, George, whom we are more introduced to on the spin-off “Young Sheldon.” Of course, Laurie Metcalf was back as Sheldon’s church-going mother, Mary but we finally got to see who spawned Amy and this was a very interesting match-up. Kathy Bates was matriarch, Mrs. Fowler while Teller of Penn and Teller was Amy’s father, Larry. In one scene, he finally spoke, and even with just a few words, it was pretty epic. Mark Hamill did the couple’s vows as a surprise and reward to Howard who found his missing pup while Kripke sang yet the episode was not without science as Shamy discovered “super asymmetry” as she was tying his bowtie, keeping guests waiting forever.

But, the real beauty was in Sheldon’s eyes as he tried to speak his vows but was blown over by Amy’s beauty in her wedding dress and the whole moment. The season had its ups and downs as Bernadette found out she was pregnant again very quickly after she and Howard welcomed their first baby. She ultimately ended up bedridden but that was probably for Melissa Rauch’s comfort as she was pregnant during the season. There was also the maid-of-honor and best man duty debacle which almost broke up friendships but getting down the aisle was beautiful. The sad part comes tomorrow night as The Big Bang Theory starts its final season, season 12, at 8pm on CBS. Here’s a preview and you won’t want to miss it!


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