Previously On…Last Man Standing Season 6 and Revamp For Season 7!

Previously On Last Man Standing…well, this is going to be a wild ride, much like “The Conners” because the show has been through a lot. It was originally canceled in 2017 by ABC after six successful seasons, considered one of the last true family sitcoms. Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is the father of three grown daughters, with the youngest, Eve, is grazing 20 and heading off to the Air Force Academy. Mike is a staunch Republican, something he has trained tomboy, Eve to mirror while wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) and eldest daughter, Kristen are both extremely liberal. Kristen got pregnant senior year in high school with son, Boyd and was forced to become a single parent when her boyfriend left her. Boyd became the apple of both Mike and Vanessa’s eye and it was hard to accept it when his father, Ryan, returned from the circus. I know, I know but he wanted to play a big part in his son’s life and despite constantly clashing with Mike by being a hippie-vegan- wanderer, he did end up marrying Kristen who is still daddy’s little girl and even invested in a restaurant with him at the store he co-owns, Outdoor Man.

Middle daughter, Mandy is a force to be reckoned with. She’s the comedic relief with her ditzy comments but has a knack for fashion and a really great heart, eventually marrying the sweet and soft Outdoor Man salesman, Kyle, who dated Kristen season one. The family went through a lot during the six seasons and we cannot forget Mike’s business partner, Ed Alzate (Hector Elizondo), a father figure for Kyle. There were two weddings, broken hearts, so much coming of age, but always learning how to grow together, even if it means accepting things you do not always like. When ABC let the show go, it was rumored they were going in a different direction with their Friday night programming and even though fans petitioned, the show could not be saved. The cast went off and did their own things but in May 2018, FOX announced they would rehome the sitcom and give it new life. On board: Allen, Travis, Elizondo, Amanda Fuller (Kristen), Kaitlyn Dever (Eve but only recurring), Christoph Sanders (Kyle), Jordan Masterson (Ryan), and Jonathan Adams (Chuck Larabee). Unfortunately, Molly Ephraim, who brilliantly played Mandy, will not be returning so they went on a search for a new actress to play the part. Molly McCook will be recurring for this season and a new actor for the role of Boyd has been cast to age up the character. We will see how this changes the dynamic because I am super stoked for this show coming back but I really loved Molly Ephraim.

Season seven of Last Man Standing premieres this Friday, September 28th at 8pm but if you cannot wait, here is a sneak peek!


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