Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, Angelina was back after Snooki invited her to Vegas. This was much to Jenni’s dismay and she was already feeling disconnected from her meatball bestie. This was just another dagger in the heart of the whole family trip. To make it more fun for the house, they decided it would be hilarious if Angelina slept in Pauly’s bed since he is away on a DJ trip. He was the one who initially pranked everyone with Angelina last season so to have him pranked with her this time around would be priceless. She tried to bond with Jenni but that was an epic fail and it seemed like nothing could bring the two of them back together. Finally, a much-needed dinner and night out was the last hope that maybe some beef could be squashed. At a somewhat classy restaurant, Angelina would not stop talking about her boobs and how she wanted to grab the other girl’s boobs. This was so wrong to Jenni-because she is so proper now- that she left the table and went to another one. Snooki was the only one seemingly not bothered by it all. It was soon time to go to a club and an ice fight led to Angelina putting ice down Jenni’s dress and we knew that would lead to a situation and Angelina ended up in a headlock.

The next morning, Vinny received word that one of his sick uncles had passed back home so he left and shortly after, Pauly returned back. He flipped when he saw Angelina in his bed and immediately called downstairs to hotel maintenance and said there was a rodent in his bed and needed immediate changing of the linens and a new mattress. It does not look like Angelina will have a good time in Vegas but Jenni is way over it when Snooki decides to invite their male friend, Joey to come for a visit. She feels the trip has lost all familial meaning and announces at dinner she will be leaving. Tonight, we will see if this will really come true. Here’s a sneak peek and do not forget to catch the show at 8pm on MTV.



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