The Conners Season 1 Preview: Where We Left Off On Roseanne

Previously On Roseanne, the Conner’s were unsure how they were going to pay for Roseanne’s knee surgery. She had been suffering in pain since season 10 began so she tried everything from an electric chair lift for the stairs to heating pads to an addiction to pain pills. It was the ultimate addiction that led Dan to realize he had to provide for his wife and get her the help she needed. It was not like they were living a life of luxury. Darlene had divorced David and moved home with her two children, teenage daughter, Harris and genderfluid son, Mark. She was in between jobs and could not even get a job at Build-A-Bear, leading her to take step-grandma, Crystal’s job as a waitress at the local casino. Becky was a widow, having lost husband Mark and was a quirky alcoholic while Aunt Jackie was a single lady and life coach. DJ was home from the service with daughter, Mary despite wife, Gina still overseas and could not go back due to bouts with PTSD so he and Dan were going to work on motorcycles together. All-in-all, the family was there for each other despite still struggling to hold it together. When it seemed like hope was gone for Roseanne’s surgery, a flash flood destroyed the Conner’s basement but fortunately, FEMA would be coming through with a big check and all the problems would be solved…or so we thought.

After a 20 year hiatus, Roseanne had returned to our TV sets and fans were so excited, the show was renewed for an 11th season after just the premiere. Unfortunately, the show’s namesake went on to say some racist remarks via Twitter which ABC and her co-stars would not stand for and ultimately, the show was canceled. Despite that, the heads of the show tried to give loyal viewers hope that we would see the family back again. A big issue was not only the loyal fanbase but all of the cast and crew who would be out of a job. After a few months, the network was able to buy the show from Roseanne and rename it “The Conners.” Everyone is returning and the belief was that Roseanne would be killed off from the show to which the matriarch herself confirmed that. She has said the character would die of an opioid overdose and that would be where the 10 ordered episodes would jump from. It will be a rebuilding season but can it hold up without Roseanne? Love her or hate her, she was an integral part of the iconic sitcom and it may not be the same without her. Time will tell when the series rebrands itself on October 16th on ABC. Here’s a sneak peek!



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