Previously On…Lethal Weapon Season 2 and What to Expect in Season 3!

Last season of Lethal Weapon season 2, we watched as Riggs and Murtaugh got into all types of trouble on and off the job. Throughout the season Murtaugh struggled to keep his partner in check and keep them both out of trouble with Avery and the higher ups.

This season we will not see Clayne Crawford, however we have a new member of the Lethal Weapon family. Seann William Scott will be joining the cast as Wesley Cole, a former International CIA Operative who is returning home. Cole joins the force and finds out that he will be Murtaugh’s new partner in the season premiere.

While Clayne Crawford will be missed, I am curious to see how Murtaugh adjusts to the new partner and how Cole adjusts to being back home. Based on the synopsis for the second episode, Cole has an ex, Natalie, who he shares a daughter,  with. Cole while spends some time readjusting to life as a dad, he is also adjusting to life on the police force, as opposed to the CIA.

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