Mom Season 6 Preview: Where We Left Off On Season 5

Previously On Mom, it was a big time for Christy as she prepared to graduate from college. Unfortunately, things were not looking up for her in other aspects of her life. She was dating Patrick, her mom, Bonnie’s fiance, Adam’s brother but that did not work out when Christy could not commit to living with him. Towards the end of the season, the women learned Patrick had not only moved on but was engaged. This led Christy back to her other big addiction aside from drinking and drugs: gambling. She gambled away bail money when Bonnie was thrown in prison on a mini-vacay and eventually gambled away her graduation gift of diamond earrings that her sober family had gotten her. Christy is also wrestling with the fact that she has yet to get into law school post-grad. After she seemingly feels like she has lost it all, even though she has five years clean and sober from alcohol and drugs and a college degree, she decides she needs to start attending gamblers anonymous to fight her other demons. Fortunately, there is a little light at the end of Christy’s tunnel for she comes home from a meeting to learn she has been accepted to law school and will have her chance at happiness after all she has worked for since getting sober. In the premiere of season six, Christy is discouraged by a rough first day of law school (enter Elle Woods) and Bonnie has a disturbing dream she just can’t shake. Here’s a sneak peek and do not forget to check out Mom when it returns September 27th at 9p.m. to CBS.



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