Previously On…Jersey Shore:Family Vacation Part 2 Episode 3

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, the cast was ready for some fun. They just wanted to enjoy Vegas after all of the Ronnie/Jen drama. Ronnie had begun to crack after a back and forth battle with his baby mama and it seemed that they knew how to push each other’s buttons in all of the right ways. Everyone in the house, especially Paulie, who has a daughter himself, encouraged Ronnie to seek legal advice so that he would never have to worry about Jen taking his daughter away from him without his knowledge or consent. He finally made an appointment with a lawyer and when he was out, Jen stopped by. One of the producers shared when he would be back but no one dared to say where he was. They all wanted to eat and gamble, especially Mike who is only there for the buffets. When Ron returned, he seemed much more settled and confident but learned Jen would be returning. Since the roomies did not want to be around all of that drama, they opted for a nice Italian dinner (Mike ordered everything off of the menu or at least attempted to). Back at the hotel, Jen came to see Ron and quickly attacked him. By the end, she had been arrested. Tonight, we will see the aftermath of the arrest plus Angelina is coming to town. Take a look!



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