Previously On…RHONY- What to Expect Season 10 Reunion Part 3

Previously on RHONY, it was part two of the much-anticipated reunion and it was anything but boring. Though it still seemed like host, Andy Cohen, was cozying up to Bethenny Frankel just a tad too much, we got to learn about Luann’s fall from grace. It was actually Bethenny, of course, who helped get Luann to rehab after hooking her up with her lawyer boyfriend, the late Dennis Shields. Lu needed a lawyer after her ex-husband, the Count and two children, Victoria and Noel sued her. That was what led her to start drinking heavily again along with all the fame she had amassed from her #CountessandFriends cabaret show. They showed a whole segment of Lu’s fall from grace the first time, her arrest and threatening to kill an officer, going to rehab, leaving rehab, her Countess show and ended it with wishing her a lot of luck.

Finally, onto another housewife, Tinsley and her relationship with boyfriend, Scott. This was so on/off again, it could make your head spin. Add of the reunion, they were on-again and she said they were hoping to be engaged soon. She did reveal that when the couple went on their breaks, they did see other people. Hmmmm. Onto some real drama; Carole and Bethenny. This is what we had been waiting for and Carole had brought all of her evidence and glasses to read every detail. She was a force to be reckoned with and when it seemed like Andy was only hearing Bethenny’s side, Carole chimed in with “you’re scared of her, too?” and followed it up with “you’re so full of $h*t, Andy.” Twitter loved how she stood up to him after his endless butt-kissing with Bethenny but more so how she was able to tell off her boss, something many have only dreamed of doing. But, the battle is not over.

Tonight, the reunion comes to a head and a very epic ending when Sonja finally speaks and Tinsley questions what is so bad about Carole being her friend as Bethenny made it seem like this heinous crime. Take a look.


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