Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 2

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, it was round two for these guidos and guidettes as they all headed to Las Vegas to meet Ronnie’s new baby girl with on/off girlfriend, Jen Harley. But first, we got to see what everyone had been up to since leaving the first season of Family Vacation in Miami. Ronnie and Jen obviously celebrated their upcoming baby girl and literally, as Ron touched down in London to do press for the show, he got the call Jen was in labor so flew back 10 hours to be in the room with her as she delivered their daughter. If you follow social media at all, you may have seen that the couple has had several violent brawls, making their hate for each other extremely public…only to reunite a few days later. The ink is barely dry on the police reports before they are all lovey-dovey again so who knows. As for everyone else, Mike “The Situation” is still battling his legal situation but he is also planning his upcoming wedding to longtime love, Lauren. Jenni and Snooki are doing the mama thing and it was soon revealed that Deena was in mama bear mode and expecting her first little meatball. So, after Pauly being the first one to meet Ronnie’s baby, as they both live in Vegas, he called the roomies up and said he would arrange a trip for them to fly out, meet the newest addition and have some much-needed fun. Of course, newly pregnant Deena declined so Snooki took it upon herself to invite Angelina, who made a brief appearance last season.

Now in Vegas, the main men, Pauly, Vinny, Mike, and Ronnie were hooked up in Planet Hollywood and went out on the town. Long story short, Mike couldn’t stop eating and Ron refused a strip club so it was a situation. Soon enough, Jenni and Snooki arrived and it was time to meet the baby. Everyone had already met Jen when she visited last time in Miami but now she was bringing along Ronnie’s spawn. Little did they know, she was also bringing a little secret; she and Jenni had become secret besties behind Ron’s back and had been talking all of the time. Hmmmm…#girlcode. Despite everyone loving the little baby, they could not help but wonder what was really going on with Ron and Jen after so many public make-ups and break-ups in such a short span of time. He said they were working on it and everything was fine.

One thing that was not fine was Jenni’s relationship with her roomies. Though they are “family,” she was extremely hurt when her husband, Roger, made a Mother’s Day video for her and asked all of her friends to send in short little video messages. The only one in the group to do it was Mike. It was an especially hard time for Jenni because her son had not been speaking so he was starting therapy and she was really sensitive and emotional so just a few nice words would have helped. Mike helped her bring it up at dinner and it seemed that the roomies did not get the importance of it. But, they are family and there is so much more to come as Ronnie is beginning to show his true colors while Jen starts to really push his buttons and a visit from Angelina is not far off. Take a look!


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