Previously On…RHONY- What to Expect Season 10 Reunion Part 2

Previously on RHONY, it was reunion time and some fans on Twitter were equating it to the Super Bowl while Bethenny referred to it as “Game of Thrones.” We were one housewife down as Luann had entered rehab for the second time right around the time reunion filming had begun so she was not in attendance but everyone else was ready and raring to go to battle. Most of the women- Carole, Dorinda, and Ramona, had a bone to pick with Bethenny. Ramona was furious at the way she did not support her new skin care line and how she was super self-involved. Dorinda did not like the constant insinuations that she was a drunk (let’s go back to the Puerto Rico mission trip Bethenny invited her on) and Carole was fuming over all of the hurtful things her former bestie had said about her throughout season 10. There was also talk of how ungrateful Bethenny was yet she liked to call everyone else out when she believed they weren’t being gracious. Referring back to Twitter, fans could not help but notice how reunion host, Andy Cohen, seemed to be all over Bethenny, once a fan favorite whom has yet to officially sign on for season 11, set to start filming this weekend.

The topic of the big Bethenny and Jill Zarin (former housewife) reunion came up; this was something Andy had wanted for years and only happened after Zarin’s husband, Bobby passed away from cancer. Bethenny attended the funeral and cameras caught the two ladies crying and chatting which Ramona felt was “opportunistic” on Bethenny’s part. The fact that she did it on cameras and not behind closed doors seemed suspect but what viewers and Ramona soon learned was that Andy and Bravo had already talked to Jill about filming around the funeral so Ramona was yelling at the wrong person. As for Sonja, she has found a new master in Bethenny and basically defended everything she had to say, despite the fact B had treated her so poorly in past seasons and called her out numerous times. It was like she was a helpless puppy dog and was following her around everywhere so that was sad. And Tinsley said very little though that is all about to change.

Part two is coming up tonight and what can viewers expect? A lot more talking over each other, yelling, evidence through text messages and the revelation Tinsley’s boyfriend, Scott sees other people when they take their breaks. The most anticipated part will be when Carole and Bethenny have at it; it will be incredible and if you cannot wait for it, here’s a sneak preview!


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