Previously On…RHONY- What to Expect Season 10 Reunion Part 1

Previously On RHONY, it was the season 10 finale so you know it is going to be a hot but exciting mess. The women all prepared for Luann’s Cabaret show, #CountessandFriends but it was off to a rocky start when she did not invite Dorinda’s longtime love, John to the show or the after party. The situation got even murkier when Luann ended up inviting Tinsley’s on/off-again boyfriend, Scott at the last-minute, though he was out-of-town for business. Dorinda and Carole both joined Tinsley at her hotel for pre-show cocktails and that was when Tins learned John was not invited and how heartbroken Dorinda felt. More so betrayed as she was the one who got Luann all of her dresses for the show. It was not until they arrived at the venue that she revealed to Carole she had gotten the text from Lu inviting Scott and did not know if she should tell Dorinda or not. Carole urged Tinsley to share the texts because she felt everything should be out there, no more secrets but was this the right time and place? Probably not.

Tinsley did show Dorinda the texts and this made Dorinda’s blood boil. By this time, the other ladies had joined them at their front row table and were just as shocked as she was but did not want to make a huge deal out of it. It was soon time for Luann’s big debut and with her, she brought some Broadway stars, a comedian and Rachel Dratch. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with how well it all turned out but Dorinda could and would not keep her mouth shut about how Lu got the dresses, shouting “Jovani” throughout the segments. Jovani was the store that provided the dresses, just an FYI, and did an impeccable job. Sonja eventually joined Lu up on stage and her dress promptly came undone, exposing her panties but hey, it’s Sonja so what does one expect?

Post-show, Dorinda confronted Lu who just wanted to enjoy her success but Dorinda stood by Lu when she was dating, engaged and marrying Tom, regardless of what anyone had to say so even though they had a tiff in Colombia, what Lu did was wrong. She needs to learn how to aplogize. Two women who were finally having a civilized conversation was Carole and Bethenny, chatting like the former besties they once were. It was not uncomfortable or awkward until Ramona had to come and tell B that she was mad at her for not showing any support for her skin care line. Immediately, Carole walked away, the moment was ruined and it was all about Ramona. By the end, we got glimpses into what the women are up to and it seems as though most are selling their NYC apartments or rebuilding while Luann is back in rehab. But tonight, the truth comes out when part 1 of the much-anticipated reunion airs.

What we know so far: the women all gang up on Bethenny while Luann is a no-show as she was still in rehab. We also find out that Tinsley’s boyfriend dates other women in Chicago when they are on breaks and so much more. Get ready because it airs on Bravo at 8p.m. Here’s a sneak peek!


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