Previously On…RHONY- What to Expect Season 10 Finale

Previously on RHONY, the women were all recovering from their trip to Colombia which left both their tummies and friendships in knots. The big news was that Sonja and Carole finally could go to the bathroom properly after 5/7 of the women experiencing insane bowel problems from the food they ate while on vacation. This left poor trip organizer, Tinsley, feeling like literal crap. She felt solely responsible for everything bad that went down in Colombia but this is season 10 and traveling with these ladies is always a mess so she needs to just cut herself some slack. The one benefit, as she pointed out, was how much weight everyone lost due to the food poisoning. There were two big events to be celebrated: Ramona’s skin care launch and Carole’s Cosmopolitan debut. Let’s start with the skin care launch which was quickly overshadowed by Sonja debuting her new shoe line. The fact that Bethenny, who supposedly supports women entrepreneurs, was not in attendance, also did not bode well for Ramona. But we move on to Carole. She had an “athleisure” party for her Cosmo debut and on/off again boyfriend, Adam showed up. It was cute how nervous they both seemed around each other, especially when he brought her a trophy and asked her out for coffee to which she replied she only drinks tea now. Sadly, the only way to follow their relationship will be on social media as this is Carole’s last season.

Tonight, it is the season 10 finale, which has come way too soon but will be filled with all the drama we desperately love. It’s the premiere of Luann and Sonja’s Cabaret but Sonja leaves little to the imagination while tempers flare after Luann invites Tinsley’s boyfriend Scott but leaves Dorinda’s longtime love, John off of the guest list. Uncool after Dorinda was the one who hooked Luann up with her Cabaret dresses. Take a look!


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