Previously On…RHONY- What to Expect Season 10 Episode 18

Previously On…RHONY, the women took the boat trip from hell in Colombia and it is debatable whether it brought them closer together- or kept some at arm’s length. Carole and Bethenny had yet to resolve their issues from the whole season and at breakfast prior to going on the boat, B started talking about her issues with her former bestie when Carole got up and left the table. She kept chattering and did not even realize that Carole had returned. Awkward. Carole had to finally chime in with the whole “hey, umm, I’m back” but B seemed unfazed. Meanwhile, after Dorinda called Luann out for having a mug shot and a felony, she was having a hard time reconciling with the Countess. It was more so that Luann was criticizing Dorinda’s drinking as if she had been sober for years but in reality, she had just left rehab after drunkenly attacking a police officer- and recently returned for another brief stint. Both women wanted the apology they never were going to get. It was soon time for everyone to head to another island and just relax for the day. They all had an amazing time; Luann and Sonja even rehearsed their upcoming Cabaret show for everyone until they were told the waters were getting choppy and had to leave.

The women were sad because they had been enjoying this time but it was time to go. Back on the boat, the waters were super choppy and Sonja was flipping out. Tinsley remained calm, saying these were waters she was accustomed to and did not feel off. Carole soon got sick and was puking in a bucket with none other than Bethenny holding her hair back. Soon, it became almost like a horror film with the women slipping and sliding, as Ramona started to cry because she cannot swim and their were no life vests. Production had to stop because it was so dangerous. What we learned was the ropes had to be cut by the captain or the boat would have capsized and everyone would have died. The ladies, minus Dorinda, went out and lived it up after the trauma while Dorinda slept. The following morning, they were all ready to head home, especially since 5/7 of them had gotten sick from some gnarly food. It was a trip from hell but with these women, they could be at a luxury palace and find some way to muck it up.

This week, Ramona unveils her new skin care line but somehow, it becomes all about Sonja. Take a look!


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